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LDC Visitor Guide Banner

LDC Visitor Guide

The primary objective of an LDC visit is to help the chapter grow and become stronger. She is there to provide ideas and support as well as help correct potential problems or issues a chapter may be having. Each chapter should expect an LDC visit at least once a year. There are four types of visits, each of which can be requested by either the chapter or the regional team: a routine visit, spirit week visit, recruitment visit or officer training visit. Most visits range from four to six days, but this can vary based on scheduling, the needs of your chapter or the length of your chapter’s recruitment or spirit week.

The Chapter President is the main contact for the LDC and is ultimately responsible for making the visit productive; this includes educating all executive members of the LDCs arrival and informing the chapter of the visit. It is the responsibility of the Vice President of Event Planning to plan and make the arrangements for all chapter visitors, just as she does for chapter events.

To download a copy of the Leadership Development Consultant Visit Guide, click here.