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Submit Feedback

Leading with Values® is a dynamic program. As you offer your feedback, existing seminars are made better, and new seminars are created. Please ensure that at the completion of each seminar, the program facilitator as well as a member of each class takes the following brief survey to let us know your thoughts. Additionally, these forms are used to make sure chapters are completing their seminars per the Chapter Evaluation requirements stated above. 

To successfully complete this evaluation, you will need the name of this seminar and the email address of your chapter's Vice President Member Experience. When you submit the form, you as well as your chapter's Vice President Member Experience will receive email confirmation that an evaluation has been submitted. 

Please submit the following information regarding your recent participation in a Leading with Values seminar:


Email address:

Vice President Member Experience's email address: 


Confirm your chapter by entering it here: 


Were you the facilitator of the seminar? 

Seminar presented: 

Date program was presented:   [None] Select a Date Delete the Date

Percentage of chapter attendance at seminar: 

Please rate the following questions on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being no and 5 being yes:

Did you enjoy the seminar:

Do you feel you benefitted from the seminar? 

Was the seminar applicable to the value and learning outcomes to which it was assigned?

The length of the seminar was: 

I would recommend this seminar to another chapter wanting to learn more about the assigned value:

I would recommend keeping this seminar as part of the Leading with Values programming: