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Collegiate Officer Training

Collegiate Officer Training

The Pi Beta Phi Officer Training Program is designed to prepare newly-elected chapter officers for their journey leading the chapter. The Officer Training Program is presented in a framework of three key focus areas: Fraternity Learning, Office-Specific Learning and Executive Council Learning. Each area plays an important role in preparing these women to be successful officers.

Part I: Fraternity Learning

Part one: Fraternity Learning is simply an e-Learning course titled, “Officer Training Part I – Pi Beta Phi Overview” and explains the Fraternity at large based on the Fraternity Information Packet. This course is self-guided and will take approximately one hour to complete. An online test completes this course. Additionally, The Executive Council Agreement will be electronically signed within the Pi Beta Phi Online Learning Center.

Part II: Office-Specific Learning

Part two: Office-Specific Learning begins with a second online course specific to each Executive Council position. Again, this is self-guided and will take approximately one hour to complete, including the test. Next, new officers will download their one-on-one checklist from the Online Learning Center and participate in one-on-one training with the outgoing officer, including local manual turnover. Each chapter’s process determines the length of time this training takes. Lastly, each new officer will download her portion of the Officers Leadership Retreat and prepare for the portions of this retreat she will be leading. Again, this resource will need to be marked as complete in the Online Learning Center. Through the first two key focus areas, Fraternity Learning and Office-Specific Learning, an officer should have a good starting point to assume her new position.

Part III: Executive Council Learning

The third and final area of the Pi Beta Phi Officer Training Program, Executive Council Learning, is comprised of the Officers Leadership Retreat. Customized facilitation guides have been developed to walk new chapter officers (the facilitators) through the retreat, step-by-step. The incoming Chapter President is asked to organize and lead the retreat with support from her new Executive Council and the Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC). AAC will be involved in the Officers Leadership Retreat, with a few portions of the retreat led by a member or members of the AAC. Each officer will have a specific portion of the retreat to lead. The Officers Leadership Retreat is an eight to 12 hour event and is typically scheduled over a weekend.

By the end of the Officers Leadership Retreat, new officers will have:

  • Reviewed the previous year’s goals and established goals for the current term. 
  • Reviewed the Chapter Evaluation and included expectations in goal sets. 
  • Reviewed university obligations in terms of university evaluations or standards documents. 
  • Taken time to establish a rough calendar of events for the coming year. 
  • Gained confidence and be prepared to facilitate important conversations with the chapter, including Leading with Values® seminars. 
  • Been introduced to opportunities and reason to support Pi Beta Phi Foundation and understand chapter obligations for support of these entities. 
  • A greater sense of officer roles as they relate to event management. 
  • Gained a working knowledge of the chapter budget and their fiduciary responsibility. 
  • Discussed ideas to increase member satisfaction and understand the importance of serving the chapter membership. 
  • Been reminded of each officer’s role in the Pi Beta Phi New Member Education Program. 
  • Reviewed the roles of the House Director, Collegiate Housing Corporation and AAC.
  • Gained a greater understanding of her role in policy knowledge and enforcement. 
  • Gained a greater understanding of the International Fraternity’s operating procedures.
  • Grown their understanding of the role chapter officers play in external relations. 
  • Gained confidence in leading the chapter meeting and ceremonies.

 Collegiate Training Focus Areas

 Once you are in the Online Learning Center, please keep these tips in mind:  

  •  Firefox and Google Chrome browsers are most compatible with the courses. Some versions of Safari will not allow the courses to run. Please download another browser if you normally work with Safari.   
  •  You may need to install or update Java.  
  •  Make sure your speakers are turned on and volume is turned up.  
  •  Disable your pop-up blockers, as courses will load in a separate window.  
  •  At the end of each course, click the "Click Here to Complete This Course" button. This action will unlock the next course.  
  •  You must be logged into the  www.pibetaphi.org  website to have access to your courses.