Philanthropic Service

Annual Pie the Pi Phis Event raises money for our local and international literacy partners.


Philanthropic Service

Sisters participate in the school annual Relay for Life event.


Lifelong Committment

Big Sisters wait excitedly for their little sisters during reveal.


Sincere Friendship

Sisters have fun every day during recruitment practice.


Personal Growth

Sisters participate in a school retreat to gain a better understanding of themselves and their faith.


Lifelong Committment

Sisters celebrate new members' initiation into the sisterhood for life, after all, it's not four years. It's for life.



Every year our recruitment is 100% values based.


Honor and Respect

We all grow because of our sisters, we honor their beliefs and respect them for who they are.


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...for life!

Local Philanthropy  

 The Nebraska Gamma chapter is proud to continue the tradition of improving literacy rates across the country through Pi Beta Phi’s national philanthropy, Read>Lead>Achieve. Our chapter works both within the Creighton community as well as within the Omaha community to create awareness, and raise funds to help improve literacy rates nationwide. With sisters all across the United States, the Nebraska Gamma chapter does its part to contribute to a more productive and literate society. Our mission statement at the Nebraska Gamma Chapter reads; “One Child…one moment at a time…one life changed forever”. 
Pie      Pie      Pie      Pie      Pie 


Our biggest event in the spring is the annual, “Pie the Pi Phi’s”. This event is held on campus, where members of the community can purchase a pie tin filled with whipped cream to throw in the face of a Pi Phi sister. Not only was this event able to raise over $2,500, it also created a place for the community to become aware of the literacy challenges that people face both within the Omaha community and in the United States. Thanks to everyone that participated this past spring and we look forward to this fun and informative event next year.


2016 pie 32016 pie 12016 pie 2 

The Nebraska Gamma chapter also celebrated the building and implementation of a Little Free Library in the Omaha community this past spring. With the help of the Gifford Park Community Garden, Pi Phi was able to help sponsor the construction of a Little Free Library. Our efforts with the Gifford Park Community Garden led to the creating of a space that is to be shared and cared for by the surrounding community. The funds for the Library were raised through an event called, “Lemonade for Literacy”, in which we paired with the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha to sell lemonade on campus. When the Little Library was built, we celebrated with community members at the garden with face painting, snacks, soccer, reading circles, and conversations related to the Little Free Library and our philanthropic mission. If you are unfamiliar with Little Free Libraries, more can be found here:


free liitle lib 1free liitle lib 2

 This upcoming Fall, the Nebraska Gamma chapter hopes to host some new events so stay tuned for recaps of those events. 


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” –Dr. Suess