Formal Recruitment 1

Why Greek? This will be a question many women ask when they first come to Mines. You may be excited to explore the new opportunities offered by this vibrant and supportive community or you may be a little hesitant to try something so new so soon after coming to campus. We encourage you to take that leap and explore the Greek community through fall recruitment. Greek life offers many advantages to the collegiate women, including a tight-knit and diverse social network and academic support. The Greek community has some of the most involved, motivated, and incredible students on campus.   


Why Pi Phi? Pi Beta Phi is an amazing organization spread across the nation (and the world) full of intelligent and diverse women all committed to common goals of integrity, friendship, leadership, scholarship, and philanthropy.  At Pi Phi, we value sisterhood, knowing that these friendships that we forge during our four years at Mines will be some of the strongest and deepest we will know.  We are friends and family. At Pi Phi, the letters we wear serve as a constant reminder of the love, support, friendship and sense of family that will always be there whenever it is needed.  By joining Pi Phi you will gain a sense that among the Mines community and all across the globe, you have sisters who will stand by you in good times and in bad.   

Prospective members will have the opportunity to join a sorority during Fall recruitment.  Recruitment is organized by the Panhellenic Council and gives prospective members a chance to see all of the different sororities on campus.  Prospective members will find their home through a mutual selection process.  Fall recruitment begins the last week of August.  We hope you fall in love with Pi Phi in the same way our members did.


  Look for the Fall 2017 Formal Recruitment Schedule to be Released Summer 2017! 

 Click HERE to register for sorority recruitment!   

The Vice President of Membership serves as the primary contact for a chapter during recruitment. Pi Beta Phi alumnae should send Recruitment Information Forms (RIFs) and Legacy Introduction Forms (LIFs) to the vice president of membership before recruitment on a college campus.   

Please send RIF and LIF forms to Katie Wilson, the VPM for Colorado Delta  

1500 W Campus Rd. Golden, CO 80401