Read > Lead > Achieve® is Pi Beta Phi’s philanthropic effort, which inspires a lifelong love of reading that can unlock true potential creating a more literate and productive society. To learn more, please visit To learn more about the St. Louis Alumnae Club's literacy efforts and how you can get involved, please contact Literacy Outreach Chair Alexis Fulkerson at (309) 333-9126 or


At Pi Beta Phi, we believe in the power of reading. 

We believe reading always has been — and always will be — a powerful step toward a life of enduring impact. We believe that when one out of four children cannot read, that is one too many. 

We believe in inspiring readers, sparking imaginations and igniting the desire to learn. We believe that readers become leaders. And, webelieve reading is the foundation of all that we can achieve in life. 

For more than a century, we’ve committed ourselves to creating a more literate and productive society. We’ve changed with the times,but never shifted our vision. So at Pi Beta Phi, we honor the past while we build for the future… 

One child … one moment at a time … one life changed forever.