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Our chapter is governed by the Policy and Position Statements.


Hazing is prohibited.
Hazing is any action taken or situation created, organized or conducted regardless of intent by any new and/or initiated member of Pi Beta Phi or their agent(s) for any other individual where participation may be voluntary, forced or coerced that occurs, regardless of location, that has the potential to cause or actually results in emotional, mental or physical discomfort; illness; injury; consumption of or opportunity to consume alcohol; that may create a superior/inferior relationship between the participants; and/or may reflect unfavorably upon the individuals, chapter or Fraternity. Permission or approval by a person being hazed is not a defense.
Any chapter or individual member whose actions or attitudes are not in accord with the Fraternity's policy against hazing will be subject to disciplinary action by the chapter and/or by Grand Council. Acts of hazing may result in civil and criminal liability on the part of those individuals engaged in such activities.
Chapters and members must follow all applicable federal, state, local and province laws and university policies regarding hazing.
The elimination of hazing is the responsibility of each collegiate and alumna member of Pi Beta Phi.
Click here to view MIT's policy on hazing.
Click here to view Massachusetts Law (Chapter 269 Sections 17-19) regarding hazing.


All federal, state, Canadian province and local laws, all university policies and regulations regarding the possession, consumption, sale, and/or provision of alcoholic beverages by Pi Beta Phi, its chapters, alumnae clubs, initiated members and new members shall be obeyed without exception.
In addition, the following policies with regard to alcohol shall be in effect:

  • Responsible use of alcohol shall be expected at all times of those members who are of legal age.
  • No chapter funds may be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.
  • No alcohol is permitted on Pi Beta Phi property. Pi Beta Phi property includes property either owned or leased by a Pi Beta Phi chapter or Chapter House Corporation or Fraternity Housing Corporation or designated for the use of a Pi Beta Phi chapter such as a chapter suite in a university dormitory.
  • No alcoholic beverages shall be consumed at ceremonial events or related activities, any recruitment or pledging event, any philanthropic event or any required chapter event.
  • If alcohol is available at a chapter-sponsored event it may be available only to those of legal age in the state or Canadian province in which the event is held, and all applicable laws and Pi Beta Phi policies must be followed, regardless of where the event is held.
  • Chapters are encouraged to hire a trained bartender for any event at which alcoholic beverages are to be dispensed.
  • Under no circumstances should open kegs be available.
  • Refer to Pi Beta Phi Policy Regarding BYOB.
  • Events should have limited hours for the dispensing of alcohol.
  • Any underage and/or intoxicated member or guest shall not be served.
  • When chapters provide transportation to events, under no circumstances shall alcoholic beverages be consumed or transported on board the bus, van or other mode of transportation.
  • At all events where alcohol is available, there shall be ample quantities of unsalted snack foods and alternative beverages (other than water) in several locations with easy access.
Click here to view MIT's policy on alcohol.


Pi Beta Phi statutes state that "Any proven use, possession or sale of illegal drugs is cause for dismissal or the breaking of a pledge."
Further, under no circumstances should any drug paraphernalia be present in Pi Beta Phi housing or property, including property either owned or leased by a Pi Beta Phi chapter, Chapter House Corporation or Fraternity Housing Corporation or designated for the use of a Pi Beta Phi chapter, such as a chapter suite or university dorm floor, including university owned properties.
Click here to view MIT's policy on drugs.

Risk Management Education

To reduce risk to our members' as well as the Fraternity's exposure to risk, the entire chapter, including new members, must be educated on all areas of risk management, work to ensure compliance in all areas, and hold members accountable for violating any policy.
The chapter Executive Council shall do a yearly Risk Audit to identify areas of potential risk and develop a plan to eliminate those identified areas of risk.
The Vice President of Administration and Policy and Standards Board shall educate the entire chapter, including new members, throughout the year to ensure understanding, obligations, potential consequences, and compliance for the following:

  • Federal, state, province, and local laws
  • Pi Beta Phi governing documents
  • Pi Beta Phi Policy and Position Statements
  • Local bylaws and house/suite/lodge rules
  • Campus rules and regulations
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