Alumnae Club Officers & Committee Chairs

Alumnae Club Board Officers:

President (2015-2017): Carrie Lange

President-elect (2017-2019): Courtney Prescott

Vice President of Membership: Jen Appleman

Vice President of Programs: Regan Landreth, Lisa Alcorn and Margaret Lane 

Vice President of Special Projects (Design Inspirations): Meredeth Belew and Elizabeth Hester 

Vice President of Communications: ReillyJo Cavanaugh

Vice President of Philanthropy: Jenna Loeffelholz, Rebecca Rucker and Lisa Schmid

Secretary: Kate Barbolla

Treasurer (2016-2018): Mary Marshall Smith

Recruitment Information Chair (2016-2017): Cathy Sewell 

Recruitment Information Chair-elect (2017-2018): Leigh Pauling 

Parliamentarian: Heather Senter 

Committee Chairs:

Directory: Ann Florsheim

TCU Chapter Support: Vanessa Shrophshire

Founder's Day Chair: Cynthia McElrath

Panhellenic Representative: Kristine Kelly 

Angel Wings: Jennifer Truelson

Interest Group Chairs:

Pi Phi Page Turners: Dori Boone-Constantino 

Wine & Silver Spoons: Michelle Pappas

Young Alums : Amanda Barton, Neely Davis and Elizabeth Foreman

Pi Phi Fitness: Kristin Tucker

Little Angels & Beaux: Tiffany Vahrenkamp