Why Pi Phi?


 "I always knew I was going to 'Go Greek'. Both of my parents were involved in Greek Life during their college years--it was how they met and how they made some of their closest friends--so it was always something that I wanted to experience. Going into Recruitment, I was a legacy of another house--my mom's sorority. I started Rush with the idea that I wanted to fulfill that legacy, an attitude that every Rho Chi warns you about! However, as the week went on, I discovered that I didn't quite feel like I fit in the house that I was a legacy of. Meanwhile, I was growing interested in a sorority that I had never heard of and knew nothing about--Pi Beta Phi. I felt comfortable there, and genuinely looked forward to going back there every day, instead of feeling nervous and anxious. When it came time to sign my bid card, I found myself choosing between the house I was a legacy of, and the house I had fallen in love with, Pi Beta Phi. That night, I signed my name next to Pi Phi, and haven't looked back since! I am so grateful for the opportunities this sorority has given me and the passionate and empowered women that I get to call my friends and sisters. PPL!"

     Lauryn Kabrich, Fall 2014


"I love Pi Phi most and foremost for the amazing friendships I have gained in my pledge class, my big and little and the chapter as a whole. They are truly one of a kind and I have never had such amazing friends. Something I gained which I did not expect was a deeper love for philanthropy. As a senior in school social work, getting to volunteer with students in the Raleigh area further proved to me that education is the correct field for me. I am sad to leave NC Delta next spring but can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of my life."

     Jess Mattie, Fall 2013


"Pi Phi brought me some of the best friends I could've ever asked for. Since my whole family and all my friends live in Pennsylvania, having a home away from home was super important to me. With all the crazy or difficult things life throws at you it's really nice to know you can turn to anyone in the chapter for love, support, and a late night cookout run. I'm so lucky I'm able to call Pi Phi my home."

     Allie Harren, Fall 2015


"When I graduated in May, I knew which organization had the biggest effect on me while at NC State. I was a member of several organizations other than Pi Phi, yet I found that Pi Beta Phi truly had the biggest impact. Pi Phi was the organization that helped foster personal and intellectual growth in myself while simultaneously enabling me to build the sincerest friendships. As VP of Event Planning, I was able to revamp our events in a way that made them even more fun and while also learning valuable budgeting lessons for my future (most of us will be planning weddings and other things and now I feel like a pro at any planning at any type of event!) While living in the house- an experience like no other- I met my best friends and women I would live with for the duration of my tenure at NC State. With all the events, opportunities for growth, and just plain fun that Pi Phi provides, I would not have traded my Pi Phi experience with any other experience on campus. As an added bonus, there are alumnae clubs in just about every location in the country, and I just joined one in Washington, DC! Choosing Pi Phi means benefits and experiences that last a lifetime!"

    Kelly Elder, Fall 2012 - Alum