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Our Philanthropies

 Read > Lead > Achieve
 Pi Beta Phi focuses its philanthropic activity on literacy. Currently, one in four children cannot read, and Read>Lead>Achieve aims to change that. From book drives to fundraisers to volunteering in elementary schools, the Read>Lead>Achieve effort tries to cover all its bases. Over $1 million has been raised by Pi Phi sisters over the past few years; the aim is to reach one million children by 2017 - Pi Beta Phi's 150th anniversary. Our chapter hosts Wingfest and Mr. RPI to raise money for Pi Beta Phi's philanthropy, as well as other smaller events around campus co-hosted with fraternity chapters on campus. 


Wingfest is one of the many opportunities Pi Phi brings to RPI campus. It is our annual fundraising tailgate that we host at ECAV to kick off the football season at RPI. Greek life as a whole, along with the RPI student body, all gather outside WingFest to celebrate. What would a tailgate be without delicious chicken wings? This is where Pi Beta Phi steps in to host our wing-cooking contest while also raising money and awareness for our philanthropy. We challenge the rest of Greek life to create the best/spiciest/most creative/most crowd pleasing wings for our fellow tailgaters and participating organizations. At the end of the event, after everyone has sampled each organization’s special recipe, the winners of each category are crowned.  

Mr. RPI 

Mr. RPI is our own campus men's pageant, which we host in the spring. This fun and entertaining event invites all RPI students to come and watch their fellow classmates and friends compete with one another, showing off their talents, skills, and strength in order to win the elite title of Mr. RPI. Contestants are asked to answer a few entertaining questions about themselves, don a set of flashy outfits, and perform a talent and a surprise task, after which the senior Pi Phi ladies are to vote on their favorites. Lots of laughs and donations to our philanthropy result.



Read > Lead > Achieve Reading Initiatives:

First Book
First Book was founded in 1992 and is an international nonprofit organization with the purpose of giving children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their first new books. Aspects promoted by both First Book and Pi Beta Phi include: The Literacy Site, Speed Read (a fundraising event providing a child with a new book for every $2.50 raised), Make Your Mark For Literacy (personalizing bookplates to donate books for low-income families), and the Virtual Book Drive (raising $125,000 for 50,000 books in 2007).

Philanthropy 1
Fraternity Day of Service
Fraternity Day of Service is usually around March 2nd to honor Dr. Seuss's birthday. Pi Beta Phi has celebrated this day since 2005. The Fraternity picks a city to host the event to share books with children and promote literacy. The women explain to children the importance of reading and hope to make a real impact.  
Arrow in the Arctic
One national Pi Phi project is Arrow in the Arctic, which involves donations of alumni and members to provide support to the library system of the Yukon and Northwest Territories.
Philanthropy 3
Champions are Readers  
Champions are Readers is Pi Beta Phi's direct initiative in teaching the youth to read. It is the part of Read>Lead>Achieve that delivers school supplies and any kind of help to teachers of pre-kindergarden to third grade.
Philanthropy 4
The Literacy Fund
Any and all donations that are made to Pi Beta Phi's philanthropic programs are made through the Literacy Fund. When a chapter raises money for the national philanthropy, it is managed by the Literacy Fund and distributed among its recipients.