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 Aca 2016

Pi Beta Phi's goal as a chapter is to help each member realize their academic potential and reach her academic goals. The women of Pi Beta Phi are committed to academic excellence throughout their college years. We as a chapter facilitate higher learning for our members in a number of ways. Within the house we have a study room equipped with computers, printers, copiers, textbooks, and notes taken by sisters throughout the years. Actives can donate their course textbooks to be used by other members in the following semesters. These resources, as well as others, assist members in creating effective study habits that remain useful throughout college.

We also offer our members the opportunity to get tutoring within the chapter. We encourage new members to pair with an active member with the same major for a "major mentoring" program. A course list is also provided every semester so that members know which of their sisters are in the same classes. They can then meet up for class and even make study groups together. Weekly study hours held at the chapter house also help everyone stay on track with her academic goals. One incentive given to members that achieve a term GPA of 4.0 is a scholarship pearl that is placed on that member’s pin to recognize their personal and intellectual growth; a core value of the women of Pi Beta Phi.

 academics 2016-2017