Executive Council 2016

Megan Riddle is the president of Pi Beta Phi. She is 22 years old and is a senior in Pi Phi and at the University of Louisville. She is majoring in Equine Business with a minor in marketing. Megan's favorite value is Personal & Intellectual Growth. Her favorite Pi Phi memories is "attending Pi Beta Phi College weekend this past January. Being surrounding by over 600 other Pi Phi’s from around the country was such an amazing experience. It really hit home for me that this organization is bringing together so many women, and we all have a connection. It made me realize that Pi Phi really is a lifelong commitment, and that it will always be there for you wherever you go in life!"


Cori Hosch is the Vice President of Member Development for our lovely Kentucky Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi. With this title, Cori is given the honor of being second in command to the president. She works to achieve high academic standards for the chapter as a whole, and strives to develop positive mental and physical health in all of her fellow Angels. Cori is a junior in Pi Phi and a Senior at UofL. She is excited to finish out her undergraduate career after the Spring 2017 semester and earn a Bachelor's degree in Biology. Academics are of utmost importance to Cori and all of our sisters. Cori can attest most of her favorite Pi Phi memories to her partner in crime... Or most people would just call her Madison or Cori's little. Through her relationship with her little, Cori has been able to experience what it truly means to be a mentor and put someone before yourself and "there is no greater feeling than seeing your little grow into her own place in our little piece of Pi Phi heaven."


Megan Poindexter is Vice President of Administration. She is a junior at the University of Louisville majoring in Mechanical Engineering. As the Vice President of Administration, Megan manages bylaws and attendance. "Pi Phi has really shown me how to grow with people rather than beside people; therefore, I really relate to two of our values: Sincere Friendship and Personal and Intellectual Growth." Her favorite Pi Phi memories come from late nights hanging out with her best friends in Pi Phi. She encourages all members to become as active as they can in Pi Phi, so they can break boundaries in their own life and others! A fun fact about Megan is she is getting married in October 2017!


Rachel Bunger is the Vice President of Fraternity Development. She is 21 years old and graduating in December! She is majoring in Art and minoring in Spanish with hopes of becoming an art teacher. Being VPFD gives her the honor of overseeing all of Pi Phi's traditions, ritual and important ceremonies. She loves being able to link the history of Pi Phi with the present, and leading the chapter towards the exciting future while honoring those who came before us. Her favorite value is Honor & Respect. Her favorite Pi Phi memory is our Founders Day celebration that occurred this past semester. After months of planning, she enjoyed a day spent uniting active members and alumnae, while honoring the original 12 founders who made it all possible.


Kassie Fogarty is the Vice President of Membership. She is studying Nursing at UofL, with the hope of impacting the lives of others some day. As VPM, she is responsible for overseeing recruitment responsibilities and keeping up chapter morale. "Recruitment makes me fall in love with Pi Phi all over again each and every year. It's pretty incredible to be in a position that's so involved in recruiting women that impact the future of our chapter." Her favorite value is Personal and Intellectual Growth.


McKenzie Wiedemann is the Vice President of Philanthropy. She is 21 years old and a Junior in Pi Phi. Mckenzie is majoring in Secondary Education and hopes to be a High School Math Teacher one day. Her favorite value is Philanthropic Services with others. She loves being able to see how working with our philanthropies, Read > Lead > Achieve and CAR, impact our community. A fun fact about McKenzie is that she is from Chicago!


Nicole Bridges is the Vice President of Finance for the KY Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi. She is a senior graduating in December 2017 with a degree in communication. Her favorite memory in Pi Phi was being able to attend our international convention in 2015 and being able to connect with sisters from across the US and Canada and being able to see Lifelong Commitment (her favorite value) in its truest form. She is so excited to be serving on executive council for a second year, and even more excited to see where Pi Phi takes her in the future and the endless opportunities it will provide for her even after graduation.



Milan Doan is 19, a Sophomore majoring in English and Public Health, and minoring in English Literature and Global Public Health. She will also be working as a Community Assistant at University Pointe this upcoming year. Milan grew up in Indiana and Kentucky, but currently lives in Arizona. She is passionate about Pi Phi and was able to attend the 2016 Undergraduate Inter-Fraternity Institute as a national Pi Beta Phi scholarship recipient and representative of Pi Phi and KY Alpha. Her favorite value is Honor and Respect.. 


Martina Parola is the Vice President of Communications. She is 18 years old and a sophomore at UofL. She is a Speed School student. Martina's favorite Value is Sincere Friendship. 


Nicole Riggs is the Vice President of Housing. She is 19 years old and sophomore in both UofL and Pi Phi. Her major is Interior Design. Her favorite thing about Pi Beta Phi is that "even as a newly-initiated freshman, if you have the drive, you can be an involved and influential member in the chapter." Her favorite Pi Phi Value is Sincere Friendship. A fun fact about Nicole is that she remodels houses in her free time!