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The Vice President of Membership serves as the primary contact for a chapter during recruitment. Pi Beta Phi alumnae should send Recruitment Information Forms (RIFs) and Legacy Introduction Forms to the vice president of membership before recruitment on a college campus. The recruitment period is a mutual selection process between a potential new member (PNM) and a Pi Beta Phi collegiate chapter.

Myths About Pi Phi Recruitment…

A Pi Beta Phi legacy will always receive a bid for membership.


FALSE! Pi Beta Phi recognizes the value of the special relationship between legacies. Members are encouraged to fill out a legacy introduction form to help chapters identify the legacies going through recruitment. However, recruitment is a mutual selection process between a PNM and a Pi Phi chapter. Collegiate chapters must invite legacies to a minimum of one invitational round. Should a legacy be invited to the preference round, she shall be placed at the top of the chapter’s bid list.

Chapters are required to call the alum who submitted an RIF if the PNM is released from recruitment.

FALSE! Chapters are not required to notify alumnae during recruitment of the status of the PNM for whom they submitted an RIF. The chapter may send a final new member list to local alumnae clubs in the area to let them know of their NM class once Bid Day and pledging festivities have occurred.

Chapter alumnae who attend recruitment are allowed to take part in membership selection.

FALSE! Only active chapter members, the AAC chairman or AAC membership adviser are to be present during membership selection. If a Fraternity officer (regional team, consultant or director) is present, she may also attend.

Do you have questions about Pi Beta Phi recruitment? We have answers! Contact the member services department at Headquarters for more information!