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Philanthropic Service to Others

Pi Beta Phi has been committed to serving others for more than 100 years. Particularly through our commitment to remove the barrier of illiteracy, we as members, chapters and alumnae organizations consistently strive to make improvements in our communities. It may have been a desire to serve others that brought each of us to Pi Phi in the first place. Serving others does not only benefit the communities around us but also benefits us as members. Let’s step out of our comfort zones and make a difference in the lives of people in need.

Programming in this area will help us utilize our unique roles and value in our communities to effect positive change, as well as exhibit a continued commitment to philanthropic service to others. 

All chapters are expected to engage in at least one of the following programs to fulfill Leading with Values requirements. Click on the title of the seminar to download the facilitation notes as well as any handouts used in the seminar. 

Elevator Speech
Elevator Speech (supplemental PowerPoint)
Pi Beta Phi Foundation’s Friendship Fund supports many different initiatives and programs. Each of us are impacted somehow by the work of the Friendship Fund. Chapters directly support the Friendship Fund through monetary donations. How can we tell others about the Friendship Fund? Participate in the seminar to learn more about the Friendship Fund at Pi Beta Phi Foundation and gain the skills necessary to give effective Elevator Speeches!   

Ethics for Positive Change
Perhaps you’ve heard the famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi: “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Members of Pi Beta Phi live up to these words every day. The content of this seminar reflects on the impact several notable Pi Phis had in their roles as agents of positive change. The content challenges collegians to be agents of positive change in their own ways. 

Literacy Facts in Action
Literacy Facts Cards PDF
What does the statistic “One in four children will grow up functionally illiterate” actually mean? This seminar demonstrates some of the key facts behind Pi Beta Phi’s commitment to literacy. Explore what the effect illiteracy can have on students and what Pi Beta Phi is doing about it.

My Legacy of Philanthropic Service 
My Legacy of Philanthropic Service (optional PowerPoint)
Have you ever wondered the impact and legacy you will leave through your service and dedication to Pi Beta Phi? This seminar allows members to share their personal experiences of engaging in philanthropic service through Pi Phi and other organizations, and encourages planning and participation in future philanthropic experiences. 

Practicing Servant Leadership
Take your understanding of Servant Leadership one step further by comparing it to aspects of traditional leadership. Members will use discussion and skits to further develop their understanding of the differences between these two leadership styles.

Servant Leadership 101
Members will enhance their understanding of Servant Leadership by discussing the 10 basic principles of this leadership style. Interactive, small group activities will help members apply these ten principles to everyday situations.  

Read > Lead > Achieve
Philanthropy has been a part of Pi Beta Phi since our founding. The Fraternity has always focused on literacy by helping others find success through reading and education. We carry on the philanthropic work of our founders through Read > Lead > Achieve and its reading initiatives. This program will engage your sisters in a conversation about the ways you can support the goals of Read > Lead > Achieve.

Time, Talent, Treasure
We all have different things to offer when it comes to philanthropy: some can donate money, some can donate time and others have a special talent they can share. Collegians will look at the various ways they can serve others with their time, talent and treasure.

Trustee for a Day 
This seminar is designed to help members understand the impact their donations to Pi Beta Phi Foundation have on the lives of their Pi Phi sisters and the community.
Shared by Pi Beta Phi Foundation