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Sincere Friendship

Pi Phi’s youngest founder, Libbie Brook Gaddis, said, “For while there are deeper and holier relations than that of … Pi Beta Phi, still nothing purer or lovelier graces the name of friendship.” Our Pi Phi sisters are some of our nearest and dearest lifelong friends. We share a special bond with our Fraternity sisters that no one else understands. Beyond our chapter, we share that bond with a vast network of collegians and alumnae as well. Cherish the friendships formed in Pi Phi; they are precious, unique and irreplaceable.

Programming in this area will help us establish and foster relationships with one another rooted in personal development, encouragement and respect. 

All chapters are expected to engage in at least one of the following programs to fulfill Leading with Values requirements. Click on the title of the seminar to download the facilitation notes as well as any handouts used in the seminar. 

Angels Outside Our Chapter
Angels Outside Our Chapter PowerPoint
Isn’t it cool to think Pi Phis most likely have different experiences at their own campus, but still believe in the same core values, learned the same facts about Pi Phi and went through the same Initiation? This seminar will help you identify Pi Phis outside your chapter and better understand the affiliation process.

Appreciating our Alumnae Angels 
This seminar will focus on AAC appreciation, allowing collegians to get a better understanding of the time and dedication required of these Pi Beta Phi alumnae volunteers. Alumnae will share how their Pi Beta Phi friendships have supported them throughout every stage of life. Collegians and alumnae will be encouraged to develop relationships with one another rooted in the sisterhood of Pi Beta Phi. 

Celebrating our Sisterhood
This seminar is an excellent chance for members to celebrate the diversity within their sisterhood and begin thinking about the legacy they'd like to leave when they graduate. Members are encouraged to make posters celebrating the contributions of each New Member class to the chapter as a whole.

Facing the Queen Bee
Through participation in this seminar, members will recognize the effects negative speech, bullying and female relational aggression have on the culture and climate of the organization and how to build healthy relationships using encouraging and supportive language and attitudes.  

Framing my Window  
By completing this seminar, collegians will be able to reflect on how personal values and beliefs align with those of the Fraternity and be able to appreciate the diversity of other's beliefs. It also teaches the value of having friends with different values and beliefs.
Shared by Pi Beta Phi’s South Dakota Alpha Chapter

Hear Me Out! 
When resolving conflict, a perfect agreement is not always possible to reach. This seminar looks at how to best work through a situation of conflict. Through negotiating, we can build an alternative agreement that will provide all parties involved with the feeling that they have been heard. This program was developed by the Leadership Institute–Women with Purpose, Inc. 

Pi Beta Phi Alumna Initiates 
Did you know women can be initiated into Pi Beta Phi long after their collegiate days have passed? Learn about the history of Pi Beta Phi alumnae initiates and how this process looks today. Find out how to nominate someone to become an alumnae initiate of Pi Beta Phi. 

Reflections of Sincere Friendship 
This seminar encourages members to reflect on the importance of Sincere Friendship while recognizing the dedication and service of the chapter's collegiate seniors. Reflections and definitions of what Sincere Friendship means to Pi Beta Phi are also discussed.
Submitted by the Washington Alpha Chapter

We're all in this Together
This activity demonstrates how groups can come together to achieve a common goal, while revealing how one persons actions impact others.
Submitted by the Colorado Epsilon Chapter.