Welcome to the Wine and Silver Blue

Over the weekend, nearly 900 New Members joined together for our first-ever virtual Initiation. Due to the fast-growing COVID-19 pandemic, the Spring 2020 term ended abruptly for every Pi Phi chapter, and 1,432 New Members left their campus without the opportunity to be initiated. Thanks to the creative minds and support of Fraternity officers and Headquarters staff, on Saturday, August 8, 2020, Grand President Marla Neelly Wulf virtually initiated 863 members.

Kansas Alpha Lois Williams shared "Today’s virtual Initiation was wonderful! For my family, this is a third generation Pi Phi. We were worried when universities started to close because no one knew if sororities would initiate. Thank you for making this a success. We had our own Pi Phi masks and hosted a Cookie Shine of our own to celebrate."

Carly-Coberly.pngLois wasn't alone in celebrating this historic moment among family. California Xi Carly Coberly was initiated with both her mother and grandmother by her side using the pin of her great-grandmother. After her Initiation ceremony, Carly and her family were able to share their legacy of Pi Phi sisterhood with Grand President Marla Neelly Wulf.

Members across North America joined together both in-person and virtually to celebrate this momentous occasion. From big and little sisters, to friendships formed in New Member classes, sisters found their own unique ways to honor the day. We gathered a few of our favorite photos commemorating the weekend's special celebration.

Taylor York, Rishika Chavali and Maria Curran, New York Epsilon

& 7 months later

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Kylie Shelon, Ally Carducci and Kayleigh Reed, California Omicron

officially angels 🤍

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Kamryn Shields, Mississippi Gamma

132 days later.... but who’s counting??? We are officially angels!!! 👼👼👼 • The last picture was during Fall 2019 before I joined Pi Phi. I never in a million years thought i’d be a “sorority girl”. My first semester at State was probably the hardest time for my mental health. I felt so alone and out of place and the change of going from a small high school to a huge university was so overwhelming. I always made jokes about rushing just to get Lindsey excited but never thought i’d actually do it. This sisterhood is something so special. There’s such a stereotype for sorority girls and believe me on how shocked I was when I went house to house and saw so many different types of girls. I felt so at home at Pi Phi. I couldn’t tell you what I talked about, but I remember feeling so at home and texting my mom right when I left and said “Pi Phi is the one”. This summer has been so hard and frustrating and disheartening for everyone involved. We weren’t able to have a normal initiation, but our sisters have supported us and LOVED on us SO MUCH. I found my home at MS Gamma and i’m so thankful. • To the incoming freshmen girls rushing, my heart is with you all as you’re about to go through this unusual rush experience. However, Greek Life is something so empowering and uplifting. I hope and pray you all find your home like I and so many other girls have. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Edit: yeah the fake tan looks bad move on it’s fine

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Congratulations to the 863 newly initiated members of Pi Beta Phi! May your arrows be ever pointed upward. 

Published August 12, 2020