Advice for Incoming Officers

At this time last year, Pi Phi leaders from across North America traveled to St. Louis for Pi Beta Phi College Weekend. Although we're unable to gather in-person this year, we still want to share some advice and inspiration with our new chapter officers. We recently asked previous chapter officers to share their key takeaways from College Weekend and their time serving on Executive Council. Read some of their responses below and join the conversation by using #PiPhiLeaders.

If you’ve attended College Weekend, what was your biggest takeaway?

82003910_171916150728799_7878949003276614398_n.jpg"Each chapter is so different, but we’re all working to empower each other and our members!” – @faithbarre
“Make connections! Your sisters are the best resources for anything.” – @kendallhovis
“Trust in yourself! Your chapter believes in you for a reason.” – @alexislange17
“No matter what you’re feeling, another officer is feeling the SAME way. Support each other!” – @oschaef
“Pi Phi is so much bigger than your chapter!” – @carolineayers_
“Remember & remind your chapter about your ‘Why Pi Phi’” – @memphispiphi
“When you don’t know how to move forward with a situation, fall back on the Pi Phi values!” – @ziayurch
“Being a servant leader is about helping others before yourself!” – @haleycarroll_

If you’ve held a chapter office, what was one thing that stuck with you? 

“How important it is for the whole leadership team to communicate with each other.” – @its_sarah171
“Be quick to listen to concerns and don’t take them personally or get defensive!” – @caralowry_
“Be an ally and advocate to every member and practice servant leadership always.” – @_morganpeterson
“It’s okay to ask for help!” – @gracetuttle_
“Don’t forget to enjoy your time as a sister in the chapter!” – @jaime.amalia
“Time management is key! Especially during these virtual times.”
– @teaganmarquardt_
“You serve your chapter, they do not serve you.” – @namesjannette
“Make the best of the time you have in office! It goes quicker than you’d think.” – @brynnmorgan_

Published January 30, 2021