Not Just a Statistic

Every February, we honor Black History Month and recognize the contributions and influence of Black women and men to the history, culture and achievements within our sisterhood and the world. While their influence can be felt all year long, this month is a special time to celebrate Black history, culture and achievements. We recently asked Chapter President Uche Nwokike, California Nu, to share more about her experience as Black member of Pi Beta Phi.  

NotJustAStatistic.pngWhy did you join Pi Beta Phi?

I joined Pi Phi because I felt loved and appreciated for who I am. During the recruitment process, I felt welcomed with open arms, and I felt like I could be exactly who I am without fear of judgment.

What do you love most about our sisterhood?

What I love most about Pi Phi's sisterhood is how compassionate all the women are. These women are there for you on your greatest day and ready to pick you back up on your worst day. I love knowing that I have not just a sister but a friend in all of these women.

How has your experience as a woman of color influenced your membership in Pi Beta Phi?

As a woman of color, I was very nervous and skeptical about going through recruitment, but Pi Phi made me feel included, which is important to me. After joining Pi Beta Phi, I felt like I could be Uche and not just a statistic. They got to know the real me.

How have your Pi Phi sisters recognized or supported your experience as a woman of color?

My Pi Phi sisters have supported me as a woman of color because I can see that every single one of them cares about my experience. Specifically, in March of this year during the Black Lives Matter Movement. I chose to speak out, which I have always been afraid to do in fear of retaliation, but I did. I received overwhelming support from all my sisters, and it made me feel heard and supported. My sisters make me feel comfortable sharing my story and are ready to listen and learn, which makes me proud to be a part of this organization.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

For me, Black History Month is a time where I recognize all people of color who have had an impact in society to move us toward equality. I think it's important to take time and think about all they did to get us where we are today. During this month, I feel reenergized to stand up for injustice and not let my fears stop me.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

I would like to give a personal shoutout to the California Nu chapter of Pi Beta Phi. You all are a phenomenal group of women that I am so grateful to know. Thank you for being there for me, no matter how big or small. Keep being the gracious, passionate, determined, compassionate women that I know you all to be.

Published February 18, 2021