Living Our Ritual Daily

National Ritual Celebration Week provides an opportunity to reflect on Pi Beta Phi Ritual. Our Ritual is center to the values for which we stand and those values bring with them a responsibility to live every day to the best of our abilities. While we live our Ritual during Initiation Ceremonies and chapter meetings, its impact extends far beyond the ceremonies within our sisterhood. 

Ritual is the ties that bind us together.

Our Ritual reminds us that we are all sisters in Pi Beta Phi. It is what sets us apart from every other organization and makes our sisterhood special. 

Ritual is the arrow pointing upward and all that it means.

The actions of every Pi Phi help to move the arrow and the Fraternity forward. The future of our sisterhood lies with you and we could not be more excited to see what you do!

Ritual is the wine and silver blue threads woven through the fabric of our sisterhood.

Wine and silver blue are not only the colors of our Fraternity, but also a constant reminder of how our sisterhood ties us together. Wear your wine and silver blue with pride!

Ritual is the 12 links on our badge honoring our 12 Founders.

Even when we are not wearing our badges, we are always honoring our Founders — 12 bold women who fought for our Fraternity. Living our Ritual is one of many ways to thank them! 

Ritual is the beauty of a deep wine carnation.

When you see a wine carnation, take a moment to remember what it means to our Fraternity. The wine carnation is a great reminder of what Pi Beta Phi stands for.

Ritual is the Pi Phi Symphony.

The music of Pi Beta Phi brings sisters together no matter their age or chapter. Learn more about our Pi Phi Symphony and sing our sisterhood songs with pride!

Ritual is the meaning behind the things we say, think and do.

When we live our Pi Phi values, people cannot question the great work of our Fraternity and its members. Our actions and words shape our sisterhood and the world for years to come.

Published March 3, 2021


About The Author

Fran DeSimone Becque

The Fraternity's historian, Fran DeSimone Becque, is the resident expert on all things Pi Phi, from historical events and antiques to current happenings and modern artifacts. Fran is recognized in the fraternity and sorority community for her passion for Greek-letter organization history. She has conducted extensive research at the Student Life and Culture Archives at the University of Illinois and is the author of several fraternity histories, completed as part of the National Society for the Preservation of Greek Housing.