12 Ways to Celebrate Founders’ Day  

More than 150 years ago, 12 courageous young women at Monmouth College came together to form a new organization to cultivate sincere friendship, establish real-life objectives and promote happiness. Today, more than 300,000 members have joined our sisterhood. The founders of Pi Beta Phi set the stage for a thriving organization which continues to enrich the lives of many during their collegiate years and beyond. 

On our 154th Founders’ Day, celebrations may look different than they have in years past. Whether you’re close to your sisters or celebrating from afar, below are 12 ways to celebrate Pi Beta Phi this Founders’ Day. 

1. Wear your letters, wine and silver blue or your Pi Phi badge. 

Our letters, wine and silver blue and Pi Phi badge serve as a constant reminder of how our sisterhood ties us together. Wear them with pride!

2. Join us on Facebook for a virtual Founders’ Day celebration

Tune into Facebook Live on April 28 at 12:30 p.m. CDT to honor the twelve courageous women who started it all and celebrate every sister who shares in Pi Phi sisterhood.

3. Give back to the sisterhood that has given so much with a gift to our Foundation on Pi Phi Giving Day. 

From leadership opportunities to late-night chats and lifelong friendships, Pi Phi has given each of us something special. Our gifts to Pi Beta Phi Foundation ensure this is true for generations to come. 

4. Reach out to a sister you haven’t heard from in a while.

Call or text a sister to see how she is doing. Spend time catching up and reminiscing on your favorite Pi Phi memories. 

5. Read more about the history of Pi Beta Phi on our historical website

From learning about our founders to reading about the history of convention, our historical website features different elements of the Pi Beta Phi experience.

6. Take your virtual celebration to the next level with a Pi Phi Zoom background.

To add a virtual background on Zoom, download your favorite background, start a Zoom video meeting, click the ^ arrow next to the video icon on the bottom left, select “Choose Virtual Background," and click the + button on the right to upload your image.

7. Listen to the Acapella Angels on Spotify or Apple Music

The music of Pi Beta Phi brings sisters together no matter their age or chapter. Learn more about our Pi Phi music and sing our sisterhood songs with pride!

8. Share your favorite Pi Phi sisterhood moments.

Find a photo that represents your favorite memory as a Pi Phi, then share your sisterhood moment on social media using #PiPhi1867.

9. Find your Pi Phi founder.

Learn more about our founders to decide which Pi Phi founder inspires you, then find out which Pi Phi founder you are by taking this fun, short quiz.

10. Join Pi Phi Pages, the Fraternity’s online book club. 

Pi Phi Pages encourages participants to read a selected book each month, engage in discussion questions and “meet” other Pi Phis. Our April book is Everything Inside by Edwidge Danticat. 

11. Donate books to a local school, qualifying program or library. 

In honor of Pi Beta Phi’s philanthropic effort Read > Lead > Achieve®, donate 12 books to a local library, school or organization in your community.

12. Bake and prepare a Cookie Shine to share with your Pi Phi sisters. 

Send a cookie recipe to your sisters and encourage them to prepare their own Cookie Shine. Choose a time to video call and show off your decorating skills and Cookie Shine set-up.

Published April 7, 2021