What has Pi Phi Given You?

From leadership opportunities to late-night chats and lifelong friendships, Pi Phi has given each of us something special. In celebration of Pi Phi Giving Day, we're asking our members What has Pi Phi given you? Below are several responses shared with the Fraternity in honor of last year's celebration. 

Janet Beazley Scraper, Georgia Alpha

"Pi Beta Phi has given me 57 years of the best friends and sisters a girl could ask for. Growing sisterhood, not only with my college sisters but with Alumni from around the country, wherever I have lived. Also important are leadership opportunities, personal growth lessons, philanthropy programs I truly believe in and a support system that has held me up during tough times. Thank you to all my Pi Phi sisters!” 

Kathie Erickson Bridges, Utah Alpha

"Being a member of Pi Beta Phi has given me the opportunity to make dear lifelong friends wherever I’ve lived. The leadership training i learned in the Chapter I was able to use throughout my career and personal life. I did take Pi Phi Values as my own and continue today to give back to my community and to Pi Phi."


Maggie Ibrahim-Taney, Kentucky Alpha

"I have had so many wonderful opportunities come my way because of Pi Phi. Many people around the world have welcomed me into their city, gave me sisters who became friends, supported me in finding a career, stood by me when I married the love of my life (who was introduced to me by a Pi Phi might I add) and gave me a gentle nudge when a Pi Phi Leadership opportunity knocked at my door. I will forever be grateful for all that Pi Phi has given me but especially for the incredible leadership opportunities and best friends for life. Thank you will never be enough for all that Pi Phi has done to change my life and make me a better person."

Melissa Kang, Colorado Gamma

“The women of Pi Phi constantly inspire me to be the best version of myself and I wouldn't be the woman I am today without the love, sense of belonging, empowerment and leadership opportunities Pi Phi has given me. It's hard to believe that my collegiate years are coming to an end, but I know Pi Phi will always have a special place in my heart.” 

Wendi Silcott MacKay, West Virginia Alpha 

"Since I joined Pi Beta Phi 31 years ago, I've strengthened my leadership abilities, my confidence and a focus to serve others. I know wherever I am, if there's a Pi Phi chapter, I can always knock on the door. All of that plus a strong, supportive and loving group of life-long friends! Pi Phi was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. Thank you, West Virginia Alpha!"

Give back to the sisterhood that has given so much with a gift to our Foundation on Pi Phi Giving Day. 

Published April 11, 2021