Advice for Applying to the LDC Program 

Pi Beta Phi Leadership Development Consultants (LDCs) are recent graduates whose full-time responsibility is to support our chapters. Pi Phi LDCs interact with different people and situations on a daily basis — working side-by-side with people of varying backgrounds, personalities and generations to support the success of our chapters.  

Applications for the 2022-2023 academic year are open now through January 3, 2022. Are you thinking about applying? Our current consultant class shared some advice for anyone going through the application process! 

Elisabeth Braun, Colorado Gamma  

“My advice for those applying to be an LDC would be to reflect on what Pi Beta Phi means to you and focus on staying true to yourself during the application process! Utilize past and current LDCs to get advice, ask questions, and hear about their personal experiences.” 

Becca Crosby, Texas Eta 

“When applying for this role, don’t be afraid to ask for advice from regional team members, Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC) members, or past/current LDCs. Don’t let the process stress you out and be confident in who you are and why you applied!” 

Katie Dial, Idaho Alpha 

“My advice for someone who is thinking about applying to be an LDC is to 100% go for it! The amount of Personal and Intellectual Growth I have experienced in these first few months of the travelling LDC role has been so amazing. Be confident in yourself and your experience as a leader and don’t be afraid to show your Pi Phi passion and ask questions!” 

Jordan Freudenberg, Delaware Alpha 

“My advice for anyone applying to be an LDC is to be your most genuine self throughout the whole process. Each LDC brings a unique set of skills to make the team stronger. Be confident in your strengths!” 

Maddison Gates, Connecticut Alpha  

“My best piece of advice is be yourself! You don’t need to pretend to be someone else, you should just be your authentic self. Your experience in your chapter is unique and can help you shine in the application process.” 

Christiana Holladay, Colorado Gamma 

“When applying to be an LDC, reflect on your years in Pi Phi and how this organization has impacted you. Be open minded to traveling and resident consultant options, because I never would have seen myself as an RLDC and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!” 

Sarah Moore, South Carolina Alpha

“If you are on the fence about applying, trust me, just go for it! This opportunity is so unique, and I know I have grown just as much as I have helped collegians grow over the past year.” 

Dorothy Ruoff, Montana Alpha 

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to talk about the LDC program! I connected with previous LDCs to talk about the role, personal advice, and things they loved about this position. Regional team members, previous LDCs or the current LDC team are great resources to talk about this opportunity.” 

Karli Sugar, Nebraska Gamma 

“Just go for it!! You have nothing to lose, and the world to gain! Be confident in your experiences and yourself, and allow your personality to shine through your application.” 

Stephanie Treanor, Arizona Gamma 

“Be confident in your strengths, your weaknesses and the growth you’ve done while a member of your chapter and be 100% your authentic self. Never be afraid to use your network to connect with past or current LDCs!” 

Tori Vasquez, California Epsilon  

“To those applying to be LDCs – be confident and open-minded! The LDC program has so much to offer in terms of growing as a leader and being a part of a team. Ask as many questions as you can at future info sessions or reach out directly to any past/current LDCs!” 

Are you interested in expanding your leadership skills while creating lasting friendships? The 2022-2023 Leadership Development Consultant application is now open. Applications are due January 3, 2022. Learn more and apply.

Published November 22, 2021