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Champions Are Readers® Order Form

The CAR program allows the flexibility to include students in prekindergarten through third grade and offers the opportunity for differentiation amongst students. When ordering CAR materials, please indicate the grade level(s) and number of students participating in the program as the new CAR packs will be assembled to include grade level materials for the number of students indicated on the order. If you have any questions about your CAR order, please contact literacy@pibetaphi.org.

Pi Phi Chapter or Alumnae Club Name:    
Contact Person:    
Mailing Address:    
Zip Code or Country Code:  
Name of CAR school or program:  
Zip Code or Country Code:  
Grade level and number of participating students: (If you do not have any students in one age group, please put a zero in the box).   
Kindergarten    (number of kindergarten students)
Total number of CAR packs needed:  
Would you like Spanish parent resources?
Date materials are needed (Please allow two weeks for order processing):    
Is the school or program a registered First Book recipient group?

*The CAR program is supported by a grant from The Literacy Fund at Pi Beta Phi Foundation. Your chapter or alumnae club will be invoiced for shipping and handling costs based on the order quantity. If your CAR school or organization needs to get First Book registered, send them to this link.