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  When you meet a Pi Phi, you immediately recognize something unique about her. There's an unmatched level of integrity along with a commitment to excellence and a general aura of potential, setting this person apart from the pack.     

Being a Pi Phi at Colorado School of Mines includes living in a beautiful house, belonging to a dynamic social organization, and developing a sisterhood with diverse women while making lifelong friendships.  The women in our chapter are passionate and involved in every aspect of college life, from arts to athletics.  However, being a Pi Phi holds us all together in lifelong friendship. Becoming a Pi Phi will not only make your collegiate experience more meaningful, but will present you with new and exciting opportunities. Pi Phi values leadership, academics, service, intellectual development and balance in our members.     

Use this website to learn about who we are and what makes us unique as an organization. If you have any questions, please send us an email at CODelta@pibetaphi.org. 


Check us out on our Facebook page and on our Instagram @minespiphi !