Celebrating Our Treasured Gifts_2018-2019    

Ring Ching Angels!

As the Richardson-Plano Alumnae Club moves into its 55th year and Pi Beta Phi begins its 152nd year, we will be "Celebrating Our Treasured Gifts".  As I was thinking of a theme for this year, I was reminded of my initiation twenty-eight years ago.  We were given a card which contained the Seven Gifts of Pi Beta Phi which asks that each of us gives to Pi Phi lovingly, intellectually, materially, morally, trustingly, spiritually, and eternally.  That reminded me of a ceremony regarding eight pearls which I have in the shaft of my Pi Beta Phi badge.  The pearls each represented a value of Pi Beta Phi; the eighth being sincere friendship.  For various other life reasons, I did some research on pearls and found a blog by Sarah Ban Breathnach which states in part:

 "The fascinating paradox about pearls is that their beautiful destiny is conceived through irritation and grows slowly in layers, just as our lives do. Something foreign gets beneath the shell of an oyster, embeds itself and years later emerges in an exquisite new form, as effortless it would seem, as a butterfly from its chrysalis. But to be born - a butterfly, a pearl or a woman - is a strenuous journey. Still it seems, at least for the butterfly and pearl, that the journey knows exactly where its headed. If only we could learn that lesson. If only we could learn to trust that faith, even as small as a piece of grit, could lead us to an iridescent future..." 

Each of us, like a pearl, has had our own original journey, not only in our lives, but also in Pi Beta Phi.  However, like pearls strung together with a knot between each one, while individuals, they are bonded by the same string.  As Pi Phis, we are bonded by the gifts and values of Pi Beta Phi.  This bond connects us to our Founders and to each Pi Phi to be initiated in the future.  This year we will celebrate the gifts and tie them to the current values of Integrity, Lifelong Commitment, Honor and Respect, Personal and Intellectual Growth, Philanthropic Service to Others and Sincere Friendship.  The Board has been working hard to plan new activities and re-name and re-vamp some traditional events with more relevant, modern terms.   

We look forward to celebrating the successes of our members and our Club and hope you will join us in Celebrating Our Treasured Gifts!

Yours in Pi Beta Phi,   

Sharon Jett
2018-2019 Club President
Texas Delta