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Awards 2016

Recognize a deserving Pi Phi

Celebrate and honor individual Pi Phis for their contributions in 2019 by nominating a sister to receive a Pi Beta Phi award. Nominations are now open and will close March 1. Any Pi Beta Phi sister is eligible for an individual alumnae award and members may work with their chapter's Leadership & Nominating Committee to nominate sisters for collegiate awards. Winners will be announced Summer 2020. See 2018 Collegiate Award winners here and 2018 Alumnae Award winners here.

Before you begin, please read over the following information on how to submit a nomination:

  • Carefully read the award descriptions for nominee qualifications and subtle differences between awards in order to nominate the individual for the best-fitting award.
  • Give applicable and detailed information for the evaluators, but keep it concise. Imagine the evaluators know nothing about the nominee.
  • Make sure information shared in application addresses the award description and nominee qualifications.
  • Be aware of character limits.

Collegiate Awards - Individuals

The Silver Slipper Award – Excellence of a chapter VP of Finance honors a past Grand Treasurer, who coincidentally had a love of shoes, the Silver Slipper recognizes a Vice President Finance who has demonstrated excellence in her role. The award itself is a silver slipper charm, a throwback to the original award, which was a silver shoe.

The Carol Inge Warren Award for Outstanding AAC Advisor recognizes an AAC Advisor who promoted and demonstrated excellence in guiding, mentoring and serving the chapter.

The Amy Burnham Onken (ABO) Award for Outstanding Scholarship & Campus & Community Leadership recognizes an initiated member in the senior class (December graduates are eligible) who has best lived up to the Pi Beta Phi qualities of excellent scholarship, outstanding campus participation and community service during her collegiate career. The nominee will have demonstrated leadership in significant campus activities and have been recognized by others outside of the chapter for her accomplishments. Her influence and leadership will have been far beyond the chapter, reflecting someone who is going to have an impact on society in the future.

The Chapter Service Award for Outstanding Servant Leadership recognizes an initiated member of the senior class (December graduates are eligible) who has demonstrated consistent and dedicated service to the chapter throughout her collegiate years with emphasis on service to the Fraternity, not to the school or community. Through her servant leadership, she has impacted chapter unity and achieved results in line with Fraternity values. She may not have necessarily held a chapter office.

The Jean Wirths Scott Leadership Award for Outstanding Change Leadership recognizes a junior or senior (December graduates are eligible) who has served on Executive Council (as defined in the Constitution and Statutes) or the Collegiate Panhellenic Council, and has served in an exemplary manner in the performance of her duties. Specifically, she has implemented changes and improvements in her chapter or the local Collegiate Panhellenic Council.

Alumnae Awards - Individuals

The Emma Harper Turner Leadership Award is presented to an individual alumna who provided exceptional leadership that contributed to the success of her alumnae club on the local level. This award is presented in honor of Emma Harper Turner who established the Alumnae Department in 1893.

The Evelyn Peters Kyle Angel Award for Club Service is presented to an individual alumna who has served her alumnae club by performing those duties that often go unrecognized but serve to enhance the success of an alumnae club. These awards are presented in honor of Evelyn Peters Kyle, an outstanding leader of the Pi Beta Phi Fraternity who gave over 75 years of service and leadership to the Fraternity.

The Young Alumna Achievement Award is presented to an individual alumna who has graduated college within the last 15 years. This alumna has become an active Pi Phi Alumnae member and demonstrated that Pi Phi is a lifelong commitment through their involvement in an alumnae club, positions on AAC and CHC and the many other opportunities through local community leadership.