Alcohol Skills Training Program

The goal of the Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) is to educate on alcohol-related behavior while increasing members' interest in critically examining their drinking patterns and eventually implementing the skills they learn. In doing so, members can minimize the potential negative consequences through prevention, reduced consumption or abstinence. ASTP isn’t like other alcohol education programs members have experienced — collegians will leave this program feeling educated and empowered. 

Pi Beta Phi is pleased to partner with Dr. Jason Kilmer to deliver this experience to our collegiate members.

Click the image below for a helpful tool to calculate your blood alcohol content.

Critical conversations webisodes

Through Critical Conversations®, Pi Beta Phi provides resources enabling chapters to engage members in conversations regarding prevention and policy education. These resources include short videos, or webisodes, which are accompanied by a discussion guide to be facilitated by a chapter officer. 

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Leading with values

Pi Phi's collegiate and alumnae programming is designed to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service.

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