Pi Beta Phi Foundation

Pi Beta Phi Foundation is uniquely focused on helping Pi Beta Phi fulfill its mission — promoting friendship, developing women of intellect and integrity, cultivating leadership potential and enriching lives through community service.

Through our work to secure Pi Phi’s future, our Foundation is committed to ensuring Pi Phi remains a constant in the lives of our sisters; a source of steadfast support and a place of belonging through challenges and celebrations. Our Foundation secures the resources we need to preserve Pi Phi’s past, focus on our present and dream of a bright future for our sisterhood.

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Investing in our Sisterhood

Because grants from our Foundation provide critical funding for every Pi Phi program, your gifts to our Foundation ensure the values, traditions and shared experiences that define Pi Phi sisterhood will be shared with more women today and for years to come.


All Pi Phi leadership development opportunities — from College Weekend and the Leadership Development Consultant program to Pi Beta Phi Leadership Institute and Leading with Values® — are supported by our Foundation.


Gifts to our Foundation in support of literacy play a critical role in the success of Pi Phi’s Read > Lead > Achieve® initiatives, inspiring a lifelong love of reading. All Pi Phi literacy programs are fully funded by grants from our Foundation.


The opportunity to learn and grow together with sisters comes once in a lifetime. Through Educational Area Grant Program and Chapter House Improvement Program funds, our Foundation helps create housing that supports a premier member experience.


More than 120 Pi Beta Phi collegians and alumnae receive academic scholarships from our Foundation each year. These scholarships help women achieve their academic goals, preparing them to be leaders in Pi Phi and their communities.

Emma Harper Turner Fund

By providing confidential grants to members in critical need, the Emma Harper Turner Fund is a lifeline to sisters facing financial crises stemming from life-changing circumstances.


 Pi Beta Phi’s treasured legacy of friendship, leadership and Lifelong Commitment began more than 150 years ago. Foundation grants supporting Holt House help preserve our heritage for future generations of Pi Phi sisters.

sweet as wine carnations hold

Share Pi Phi Love with the special sisters in your life while supporting our Fraternity by sending a wine carnation. When you send a wine carnation, you help to ensure future generations have the inspiration to achieve their goals and the support of Sincere Friends.

Wine carnation honorees receive a personalized email with a message from you letting them know you've supported our Foundation in their honor. Each $5 wine carnation gift benefits our Foundation's Friendship Fund, giving Pi Phi the resources we need today to meet the needs of tomorrow.

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2022-2023 Impact Report

Through our work to ensure Pi Beta Phi’s future, Pi Beta Phi Foundation is committed to making sure Pi Phi remains a constant in the lives of our sisters; a source of steadiness and a place of belonging through challenges and celebrations. We’re able to do so because the support of donors is our constant—and the stories we’ve shared in our 2022-2023 Impact Report reflect the true power of that support.


The Foundation Board of Trustees provides direction, leadership and creates a compelling and inspired vision for our Foundation.

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Ensure an even brighter future for our sisterhood.

We’ve inherited the flame of friendship from the sisters who came before. Now, it’s up to us to keep that flame burning bright for new generations of members. Your gifts to our Foundation can light the path that leads to a brilliant future for Pi Phi.

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