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In a world that needs sincere friends and strong leaders willing to work for the betterment of others, the values-driven membership experience Pi Phi provides is more relevant and needed than ever.

Sincere Friendship is essential to Pi Phi sisterhood — so essential, in fact, that it's specifically mentioned in our Constitution. Our founders' choice of the word sincere was purposeful. By distinguishing the quality of their friendship as sincere, they conveyed the depth of meaning that set their bond apart from all others. With this word, our founders called us to be intentional as we cultivate relationships of depth and meaning, and invest in our friendships with sisters.

Membership in a Chapter

The Pi Phi membership experience often begins with participation in sorority recruitment at a college or university. Although the recruitment process looks different from campus to campus, the cornerstones of our sisterhood are shared by every Pi Phi chapter — cultivating Sincere Friendships, developing as a leader and living the value of Lifelong Commitment.

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Pi Beta Phi's Non-Discrimination Policy

Pi Beta Phi Fraternity does not discriminate in its operations or membership selection practices on the basis of race, religious affiliation, national origin, physical ability or sexual orientation. Nor will Pi Beta Phi tolerate such discrimination by its chapters. Federal law recognizes the right of college social fraternities to maintain single sex membership policies. Pi Beta Phi is a women’s organization for individuals who live and self-identify as women.

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Leading with values

Pi Phi's collegiate and alumnae programming is designed to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service.

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