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Built for members of fraternities and sororities, the CommunityEdu: Fraternity & Sorority Life course (formerly GreekLifeEdu) addresses key topics for college environments such as hazing, alcohol abuse, sexual assault and inclusion. Members learn to create more inclusive and healthy communities by going through interactive scenarios and applying their learnings. Members will finish this course equipped to treat others with respect, make healthy decisions, stand up as leaders in their community, and use their skills beyond graduation.

There are two parts to CommunityEdu. Part One takes approximately two hours to complete, and Part Two takes approximately 15-20 minutes. One of Pi Beta Phi’s core values is Personal and Intellectual Growth, which includes members’ health and well-being. As part of this core value, we require all New Members to take CommunityEdu as a requirement for Initiation. Part One must be completed by New Members to be eligible for Initiation. Part Two must be completed within one month of Initiation.

Pi Beta Phi believes providing factual information on alcohol, hazing and sexual assault will help members identify and utilize resources and enable them to make informed lifestyle choices that contribute to a healthy self and community.

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Frequently asked questions

CommunityEdu presents non-opinionated, science-based content in an easily accessible, online format. Surveys, tests and interactive exercises create a highly engaging experience. The course features real-life student success stories that encourage participants to adopt positive behaviors and build self-efficacy. Additional “what would you do?” scenarios help them practice and reinforce these new behaviors.

CommunityEdu also includes:
  • Personalized pathways and feedback for a customized user experience;
  • Realistic simulations that allow students to evaluate their decisions;
  • Organization-specific resources, such as policies, procedures and key staff contacts; and
  • Leadership and student engagement opportunities available in the community.

CommunityEdu is a specialized program targeting inclusion, alcohol, hazing and sexual assault designed to better meet the needs of students joining fraternities and sororities.

There will be approximately 10-20 percent content overlap between CommunityEdu and AlcoholEdu, depending on the specific student pathway. This repetition has been created on purpose. For students who complete both AlcoholEdu and CommunityEdu, the repetition will serve to reinforce critical information from both courses.

AlcoholEdu for College is designed to complement CommunityEdu. It ensures colleges/universities and fraternities/sororities are in sync, rather than competing.

Each user will have a separate account. You may ask your New Members to bring laptops to a meeting or go to a computer lab together and work on the course components.

  • If you have CommunityEdu technical questions, CommunityEdu Support Representatives are available to you round the clock at (866) 384–9062. The online support center can be accessed at
  • For Pi Beta Phi-related concerns, please email or call (636) 256–0680.

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Pi Phi's collegiate and alumnae programming is designed to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service.

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