Milestone Anniversaries

Anniversaries, reunions and other celebrations are significant markers in the continuum of being a Pi Phi for Life. These events give members an opportunity to celebrate fun and friendship, while gaining appreciation for the value of our shared history. Congratulations to the chapters and alumnae clubs below celebrating these milestones.

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2024 Anniversaries

50 years

California Eta, University of California, Irvine

Conroe-The Woodlands, Texas Alumnae Club

Cypress Creek-NW Houston, Texas, Alumnae Club

75 years

Alabama Beta, University of Alabama

Amarillo, Texas, Alumnae Club

California Epsilon, San Diego State University

Contra Costa, California, Alumnae Club

Lake Charles, Louisiana, Alumnae Club

Lake Shore, Illinois, Alumnae Club

Midland, Texas, Alumnae Club

Muncie, Indiana, Alumnae Club

100 years

Corvallis, Oregon, Alumnae Club

Greater Orlando Area, Florida, Alumnae Club

Memphis, Tennessee, Alumnae Club

Pasadena, California, Alumnae Club

125 years

Missouri Alpha, University of Missouri

150 years

Iowa Beta, Simpson College

2025 Anniversaries

25 years

Arrowhead-West Phoenix, Arizona, Alumnae Club

San Juan, Colorado, Alumnae Club

50 years

Virginia Epsilon, University of Virginia

75 years

California Zeta, University of California, Santa Barbara

Las Vegas, Nevada, Alumnae Club

Lexington, Kentucky, Alumnae Club

Lubbock, Texas, Alumnae Club

Pensacola, Florida, Alumnae Club

100 years

Albuquerque, New Mexico, Alumnae Club

Kentucky Alpha, University of Louisville

San Diego, California, Alumnae Club

Virginia Gamma, College of William & Mary

125 years

Baltimore, Maryland, Alumnae Club

California Beta, University of California, Berkeley

Minnesota Alpha, University of Minnesota

2026 Anniversaries

50 years

Greenville, South Carolina, Alumnae Club

South Carolina Beta, Clemson University

Texas Epsilon, University of North Texas

75 years

Arlington Heights, Illinois, Alumnae Club

Northern Virginia Alumnae Club

100 years

Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, Alumnae Club

Chicago West Suburban, Illinois, Alumnae Club

Honolulu, Hawaii, Alumnae Club

Phoenix, Arizona, Alumnae Club

San Francisco, California, Alumnae Club

Planning an anniversary or reunion?

The Anniversary, Reunions and Celebrations Guide will assist in planning an anniversary or other type of celebration. Any Pi Phi may be planning an event of this type, often supported by an alumnae club or in relation to a collegiate chapter. Support for planning Pi Phi celebrations can come from any number of individuals.

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