Share your seminar idea

Has your chapter successfully implemented a seminar or program you believe other chapters would benefit from? Do you have an idea for a new Leading with Values® seminar? Submit your ideas below for the opportunity for your program to be considered part of our Leading with Values curriculum.

Before you submit your idea, you will want to ensure the program aligns with the core values and learning outcomes of Pi Beta Phi's Leading with Values program. Organize and structure the seminar in a similar style and format to the current Leading with Values seminars. Think about what activities to include, how the room should be set up, if there are technology needs or any materials presenters or participants will need in order to fully participate. Contact if you have any questions.

Ex: Chapter President, Vice President Community Relations, Vice President Member Experience, etc.
What do you hope participants will learn and be able to do after participating in the seminar?
How should participants be seated, grouped or organized for the seminar?
Are there any technology requirements, handouts that should be copied, necessary writing, etc.
What issues does this seminar address? What will participants learn and how?
How will the facilitator present the program? What key information, facts and knowledge should be shared with participants? What are the most effective methods to present the information (activities, small group discussion, visual aids, group games, etc.)?

Submit your documents

If you have supplemental documents to share, please email them to Please be sure to reference the seminar for which you are submitting supplemental information.

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