The Friendship Fund

Your gifts to the Friendship Fund help us fulfill Pi Phi’s mission. These unrestricted gifts directly support our member programs and related services each year and ensure Pi Phi can meet additional needs not covered by designated funds alone. With your support, the Friendship Fund helps Pi Phi prepare members to lead, award scholarships, fund our literacy work, care for our sisters, manage investments, share our gratitude—and so much more.

With every gift, you make it possible for our Foundation to continue impacting lives within our sisterhood and our communities. Your partnership gives us roots and wings—providing the resources we need to preserve our past, focus on our present and dream of a bright future.


Like all gifts to our Foundation, tribute gifts are tangible expressions of the values at the core of our sisterhood and help to ensure Pi Phi's work continues for generations of women to come.

Wine Carnations

Honor and celebrate the sisters who have touched your life with friendship, loyalty and love by sending them a virtual wine carnation with a gift to our Foundation. Your Friendship Fund support honors a sister and helps our Foundation respond to Pi Phi’s most pressing needs, maintaining essential support for the programs that empower our members.

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Memorial Gifts

A memorial gift is a loving, lasting way to honor the life of a beloved sister who has passed away. When you make a memorial gift to our Foundation, our staff members will send a card to let your sister know you've chosen to honor her with a gift, or to the sister's family letting them know you've made a gift in their loved one's memory.

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Creating a Bright Future

As a premier organization for women, we've supported and empowered our sisters since 1867. Your gifts to our Foundation provide the resources Pi Phi needs to ensure that work continues.

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