Officer training

The Pi Beta Phi Officer Training Program prepares newly-elected chapter officers for their journey leading the chapter. The Officer Training Program includes several elements that each play an important role in preparing women to be successful chapter officers.

Online Learning Center

Pi Phi is proud to offer its leaders innovative training resources through the Pi Beta Phi Online Learning Center. The Online Learning Center houses training programs specific to each officer role. Below is an overview of the officer training courses.

Part I: Fraternity Overview

The first course in the officer training program is completed by all Chapter Leadership Team (CLT) officers and the Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC). This course provides an overview of the Fraternity and the opportunities and support available to officers throughout their terms.

Part II: Effective Leadership Strategies

The second course in the officer training program is completed by all Executive Council officers. This course promotes leadership development by explaining officer expectations, servant leadership, the benefits of delegation, facilitation tips and ways to reduce stress.

Part III: Office-Specific Learning

The last course that all CLT officers are assigned is specific to each officer position. Each course includes a review of that position’s expectations, responsibilities, deadlines, resources and key processes relevant to the role.

Officers Leadership Retreat

After completion of the Online Learning Center courses, the CLT will participate in the Officers Leadership Retreat. The incoming Director Leadership and Chapter President work together to organize and lead the retreat, with support from the Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC).

The retreat is designed to create an operational understanding of chapter leadership roles, facilitate team-building and develop a foundation for the year ahead. Materials for the Officers Leadership Retreat can be found in the Online Learning Center or on the Resource Library.

Officer Transition Meetings

In addition to the Online Learning Center courses and the Officers Leadership Retreat, all incoming officers should schedule a meeting with the outgoing officer who held their responsibilities. During transition meetings, the outgoing officer will provide an individualized training covering important areas of her position and local chapter-specific items of importance. Local chapter resources and manuals should be passed along to the incoming officer during this time. The Director Leadership can help schedule officer transition meetings if needed.

Pi Phi Events

Pi Phi programs and events promote personal growth, provide opportunities for service and give collegians and alumnae a way to develop and practice their leadership skills. Our events are a way for members to establish meaningful connections with other Pi Phis, spanning distance and generations.

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