The Daily Dart—formerly known as the Convention Daily—is the daily publication of Pi Beta Phi Convention. The newsletter used to be printed and distributed each day to convention attendees and Pi Phis who couldn’t make the trip. The tradition dates back to some of our earliest conventions. At the 1938 Asheville Convention, a subscription for all six issues cost 50 cents and the staff of the Daily included more than 20 Pi Phis ranging from editorial to reporting and administrative duties. 

Now, the Daily Dart is available digitally, free of charge. Click through the newsletters below for a rundown of the can’t-miss events and activities—along with a few highlights from the event so far!

Pi Phi History

In 1867, 12 courageous young women at Monmouth College came together to form a sisterhood rooted in shared experiences, enduring values and Sincere Friendships. Today, more than 150 years and 300,000 members later, we continue to celebrate our founders' vision as sisters of Pi Beta Phi.

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