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150 Ways Header

150 Ways to Celebrate Pi Beta Phi's 150th

As part of Pi Beta Phi's 150 years, the Fraternity compiled a list of 150 ways to celebrate. They are broken into groups representing Pi Beta Phi's six core values. Whether you are a collegian or alumnae, part of a chapter or club or even an individual sister looking to celebrate, this list is made for you. 

To download a printable checklist, please click here.  

Sincere Friendship

  1. Check out Pi Beta Phi Headquarters' 150th Pinterest board (coming soon) for ideas on how to celebrate with your chapter, alumnae club or friends.
  2. Tie wine and blue ribbons around your tree trunks to commemorate Pi Phi’s anniversary.
  3. Participate in Pi Phi Pages.
  4. Still have your bid day picture? Share it on social media using #piphi150.
  5. Build a 150th anniversary wooden cake and put it in front of your chapter house or somewhere on campus. Click here for examples.
  6. Have members send 150 handwritten notes to alumnae of that chapter whom they haven't heard from in a while.
  7. Meet 150 new Pi Phis.
  8. Read The Arrow® cover-to-cover.
  9. Put together a group of women to appear on the Today Show with signs and such appealing to Arizona Alpha Savannah Guthrie and denoting our 150th anniversary.
  10. Send wine carnations to a sister with a sweet note.
  11. Help out a sister going through a stressful time – surprise her with a special treat.
  12. Travel 150 miles or more to hold a joint sisterhood event with a chapter.
  13. Download a Pi Phi ringtone (coming soon) for your phone from Pi Beta Phi’s Resource Library.
  14. Attend Convention 2017.
  15. Pay a fellow sister’s annual alumna dues by calling Pi Beta Phi Headquarters (636) 256–0680 (don’t forget to let her know!).
  16. Organize a pledge class reunion.
  17. Send a handwritten letter to the chapter advisor when you were in school (find her address in Sister Search).
  18. Send a note of thanks to your campus’ Greek advisor — or the campus in your community.
  19. Know an outstanding Pi Phi? Submit her story to The Arrow! We love hearing about the amazing things our members are doing, from philanthropic projects to professional awards. Email text and high-resolution photos (300 dpi) to thearrow@pibetaphi.org.
  20. Find a long-lost sister on Facebook or Sister Search and reconnect.
  21. Take a sister you haven’t seen in a long time or a Pi Phi new to the area out for coffee.
  22. Trace back your Pi Phi family lineage as far as you can go and send them a sweet note.
  23. Get a group of Pi Phis in your community together and start a Pi Phi Pages Book Club.

Lifelong Commitment

  1. Get connected with an alumnae club in your area.
  2. Chapters can celebrate Founders’ Day with a local alumnae club or nearby chapter.
  3. Alumnae clubs can celebrate Founders’ Day with another alumnae club or chapter.
  4. Attend a chapter installation.
  5. Attend a Halo Happenings event.
  6. Find a senior Pi Phi collegian in your area on Sister Search and send her with a note at school inviting her to join you at alumnae club event or assist her in finding a club where she is moving.
  7. Make a donation to Pi Beta Phi Foundation in the amount of $15 $150 or $1,500.
  8. Change your social media profile pictures to the Pi Phi 150th commemorative logo, available on the Logos and Graphics page on the Pi Beta Phi website.
  9. Purchase a commemorative/heritage badge from Pi Phi Express®.
  10. Post a positive Pi Phi message on Social Media using #piphi150.
  11. Purchase and display 150th commemorative decal in your car window.
  12. Pay your annual alumna dues at www.pibetaphi.org/dues.
  13. Leave your mark by creating a new tradition with your chapter, alumnae club or close sisters.
  14. Make a Pi Phi family tree and share on social media using #piphi150.
  15. Invite a Pi Phi who doesn’t normally attend club meetings to attend one with you.
  16. Host an alumnae club meeting at your house.
  17. Purchase from licensed vendors, such as GEICO insurance or 1-800-Flowers (using the Pi Phi Marketplace).
  18. As a chapter or alumnae club, build a time capsule. Teach Pi Phis alive in 150 years about what it means to be a member NOW!
  19. Reach out to five chapter sisters and ask them to update their contact information on pibetaphi.org.

Philanthropic Service to Others

  1. Donate 150 books to a local school, qualifying program or library and record the impact at www.pibetaphi.org/readleadachieve.
  2. Work with Habitat for Humanity® to provide bookshelves in their houses and have clubs and chapters fill those bookshelves.
  3. Read to a child to honor our philanthropic work and record the impact at www.pibetaphi.org/readleadachieve.
  4. Share a photo of you reading to a child on social media using #readleadachieve and #piphi150.
  5. Watch the Read > Lead > Achieve® and The Story of One video.
  6. Share the Read > Lead > Achieve and The Story of One video on social media and use #readleadachieve and #piphi150.
  7. Participate in Read > Lead > Achieve Month in September.
  8. Read to 150 children and record the impact at www.pibetaphi.org/readleadachieve.
  9. Donate 150 pieces of clothing to a local organization that helps clothe school children.
  10. Make a memorial gift through Pi Beta Phi Foundation.
  11. Collect 150 school supply items and bring them to an elementary school in need.
  12. Collect 150 backpacks and bring them to an elementary school in need.
  13. Upload all of your chapter’s Read > Lead > Achieve efforts on Pi Phi’s progress meter at www.pibetaphi.org/readleadchieve
  14. Share your chapter’s Read > Lead > Achieve story at www.pibetaphiliteracystory.org
  15. Create a neighborhood library. For ideas visit www.littlefreelibrary.org.
  16. Implement Pi Beta Phi’s Champions are Readers® program with a local school in need.
  17. Download the literacy fact sheets from Pi Beta Phi’s Resource Library and share some of the facts on social media using #readleadachieve and #piphi150.
  18. Pledge to do 150 random acts of kindness before Founders’ Day 2017.
  19. Educate a friend(s) on Pi Beta Phi’s philanthropic work: Read > Lead > Achieve.
  20. Donate 150 minutes of time to working with a child in need.
  21. Give $150 in gift certificates to the bookstore at your alma mater and send them to your chapter to be given to members as prizes for good scholarship.
  22. Make a recognition gift through Pi Beta Phi Foundation.
  23. Create a care package for your community’s librarian.
  24. Organize a read-to-a-puppy party for local children and your local dog shelter.
  25. Add Pi Beta Phi Foundation to your estate plans.
  26. Volunteer to serve on your local library’s board.
  27. Advocate for your community’s literacy programs.
  28. Volunteer to record books on tape for the visually impaired. 
  29. Participate/volunteer in nearest Fraternity Day of Service event.
  30. Link Pi Beta Phi Foundation to your Amazon Account through Amazon Smile.
  31. Make a donation in honor of the 150th to your Chapter House Corporation for future facility improvements.
  32. Participate in your alumnae club or chapter’s Champions are Readers program.
  33. Participate in other fraternity/sorority community philanthropy events.


  1. Over the course of the year, post 150 things your chapter has accomplished based on Pi Phi values and share them on your website, social media and in chapter newsletters.
  2. Invite another Panhellenic chapter to dinner.
  3. Have the Vice President of Fraternity Development create a game with 150 Pi Phi trivia questions/facts and play at a chapter meeting. Have treats for the winners. Click here (coming soon) for Pi Phi’s version of the game.
  4. Over the course of the year, post to your website or social media 150 things your alumnae club has accomplished based on Pi Phi values using #piphi150.
  5. Tag a sister living a Pi Beta Phi value over social media with the #piphi150.
  6. Read The Arrow to a sister in an assisted living facility.
  7. Make sure your contact information is correct in Sister Search.
  8. Have a conversation around the dinner table about your personal values.
  9. Memorize the Pi Beta Phi core values.
  10. Memorize the Founders’ names — again.
  11. Step up and run for a leadership position for your chapter or alumnae club.
  12. Write a note to a sister in an assisted living facility.

Honor and Respect

  1. Fill out a request to have the Ring Ching Roadshow come to your chapter or alumnae club event.
  2. Attend a Ring Ching Roadshow event.
  3. Celebrate with Pi Phi music at chapter meetings, events, recruitment, etc.
  4. Have a Cookie Shine to honor our founders.
  5. Honor a founder by ___________ (your choice).
  6. Take the Founders’ Day quiz. Which Founder are you?
  7. Print out the Pocket Founders and take your pictures with them throughout the year using #piphi150.
  8. Write a new Pi Phi song and enter it in the 150th song contest to commemorate 150 years. Click here (coming soon) for more information.
  9. Write a poem commemorating Pi Phi’s 150th and share it using #piphi150.
  10. Thank your advisors with a handwritten note, phone call, email or ecard.
  11. Tour Headquarters.
  12. Tour Holt House.
  13. Place a flag or banner in your lawn reading “Pi Phi is Celebrating 150 Years.”
  14. Use Pi Phi’s Facebook cover photo commemorating 150 years.
  15. Display 150 wine carnations at your Founders' Day celebration.
  16. Start a journal and send it to alumnae asking them to write their favorite Pi Phi memory and then pass it along to another woman on the list. Have it returned to the chapter once it is has 150 stories.
  17. Show Pi Phi pride by wearing your badge on badge day and telling everyone about Pi Phis upcoming birthday. Take a picture and share it using #piphi150.
  18. Wear your Pi Phi letters and take a group picture and share it using #piphi150.
  19. Make a donation to Holt House through Pi Beta Phi Foundation.
  20. Send wine carnations to a chapter near you in honor of Pi Beta Phi’s 150 years.
  21. Chapters can encourage alumnae to share stories of their time in the chapter facility or with the chapter. They can collect those and share them in blogs or on social media using #piphi150.
  22. Host a Monmouth Duo.
  23. Plant 12 trees in honor of Pi Phi’s Founders.
  24. Make commemorative wreaths at an alumnae event and use them for your front entrances.
  25. Visit Centennial Plaza during a spring break trip.
  26. Purchase a commemorative edition of The Arrow. (available in 2017)
  27. Purchase a charm or ornament denoting Pi Phi’s 150th anniversary from Pi Phi Express.
  28. Post memories to Pi Phi’s social media using #piphi150.
  29. Donate an item to Holt House.
  30. Attend your town’s Panhellenic lunch – if you don’t have one, start one!
  31. Re-post positive stories about Pi Phis doing good work on your Facebook page.
  32. Add an arrow or an angel to your office décor.
  33. Take a picture with Libbie. Share photos on social media using #piphi150.
  34. Share your Pi Phi experience with Libbie for “Pi Phi Stories on the Road.”
  35. Watch a movie starring a Notable Pi Phi.
  36. Read a book written by a Notable Pi Phi.
  37. Cook a recipe from The Pioneer Woman for your sisters.
  38. Add wine and blue ribbons on your badge in celebration of Pi Beta Phi’s 150th. Take a picture and post to your social media using #piphi150.
  39. Tuck your children into bed with Pi Phi songs as lullabies.
  40. Introduce your family to the Cookie Shine tradition as a surprise after dinner.
  41. Paint your nails wine and silver blue.
  42. Dress your daughter in wine and blue.
  43. Plan your trip to Convention 2017.
  44. Have each member of the chapter describe “Why Pi Phi” in 150 words or less. Create a book of all submissions for your chapter archives!
  45. Name a new pet after a Pi Phi Founder.

Personal and Intellectual Growth

  1. Find ways for members to identify what life was like for women 150 years ago ... what was the culture, politics, state of our country, etc.
  2. Take a picture in front of your chapter facility and compare it to others throughout history. How has the facility changed? What about members' clothes and hair? Share your findings at a chapter meeting.
  3. As a chapter, track the number of leadership development opportunities you attend throughout the year. Try to reach 150!
  4. Participate in Leading with Values Personal and Intellectual Growth programming.
  5. Find an old chapter picture on campus and recreate it. Share it on social media using #piphi150.
  6. Log 150 tutor hours as a chapter.
  7. Send at least one member of your chapter to the Pi Beta Phi Leadership Institute.
  8. Invite a Pi Beta Phi Foundation speaker to a meeting or event.
  9. Alumnae can recommend collegians from your home town or a nearby chapter to Pi Beta Phi’s Leadership Institute or another Pi Beta Phi biennial event.
  10. Read Pi Phi Settlement School story from the “Century of Friendship” at an upcoming meeting.
  11. Share the Pi Phi Settlement School story from the “Century of Friendship” at an upcoming meeting.
  12. Call, text or send a note to your Pi Phi big sis or someone in Pi Phi who has made an impact in your life.
  13. Wear your badge when attending professional development meetings/conferences.
  14. Send notes to 12 women whose leadership skills you admire.
  15. Register for a class or workshop.
  16. Commit to 150 days (in a row) of something important to you – working out, positive texts/tweets/posts, clean eating, walking.
  17. Network with sisters through Pi Beta Phi’s LinkedIn page.
  18. Submit a story to The Arrow celebrating outstanding members, club/chapter achievements and good news.