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Alumnae Regional Teams

Alumnae Regional Teams

The Alumnae Regional Director provides direction and leadership to develop and maintain successful, productive alumnae clubs within a defined region.

Supervised by a member of Grand Council, the Alumnae Regional Director plans and directs the alumnae work of the Fraternity.

Directors are appointed biennially at convention for two-year terms and may serve up to three terms in any one position. Directors may serve in a variety of positions and up to 12 years of total service.

Each Director has support from two specialists, who oversee membership and programming. Specialists are appointed by Grand Council during each interim year of convention. They serve in two-year terms and may serve up to three terms in any one office.

Alumnae Regional Director ― Region 1   Melissa Bockhold Hack  
Alumnae Regional Membership Specialist 1   Barbara Rua  
Alumnae Regional Programming Specialist 1   Michele Tereschuk Davitt  
Alumnae Regional Director ― Region 2   Harper Whitten Spencer  
Alumnae Regional Membership Specialist 2   Amy Shuart Gingrich  
Alumnae Regional Programming Specialist 2   Virginia Hollingsworth  
Alumnae Regional Coordinating Specialist 2   Rebecca Montress Hritz  
Alumnae Regional Director ― Region 3   Kimberly Sisk Crowe  
Alumnae Regional Membership Specialist 3   Jackie Jasek  
Alumnae Regional Programming Specialist 3   Amy Bader Keirle  
Alumnae Regional Director ― Region 4   Rebecca Brannen Lasse  
Alumnae Regional Membership Specialist 4   Amelia Wenzel Reintjes  
Alumnae Regional Programming Specialist 4   Jennifer Johnson Wenzel  
Alumnae Regional Coordinating Specialist 4   Cindy Kralis Georgas  
Alumnae Regional Director ― Region 5   Alison Burcham  
Alumnae Regional Membership Specialist 5   Rainey Peuse Kellogg  
Alumnae Regional Programming Specialist 5          Jennifer Syvertson Jones  
Alumnae Regional Director ― Region 6   Tracy Beaufort Whitehead  
Alumnae Regional Membership Specialist 6   Dawn Bowman Lenzie  
Alumnae Regional Programming Specialist 6          Mary Grable McLeod