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Appointed Officers

Appointed International Officers provide leadership in specific areas, from Pi Phi’s history and archives, to Holt House and convention. Grand Council appoints these positions after each biennial convention. Appointed International Officers serve two-year terms.

Some committee positions are automatically filled by staff, based on function.

Alumnae Resource Officer   Amy Dailey  
Archivist   Fran DeSimone Becque  
Arrow in the Arctic Committee Chair   Catherine Roosevelt McCluskey  
Arrow in the Arctic Committee   Candace Turner Dressler
Jessica Riehm
Jill Long  
Awards Committee   TBD
Building Committee Chairman        Renee Ross Mercer  
Building Committee   Mary Mitch Mullendore
Juli Holmes Willeman
Caroline Majers Backer
Melissa Hower  
Collegiate Resource Officer   Tina Fellers  
Chapter Support Coordinator    Tina Rivard  
Collegiate Housing Officer    TBD
Fraternity Investment Committee Chairman   Lisa Gamel Scott  
Fraternity Investment Committee   Emory McGinnis Eison
Juli Holmes Willeman  
Historian   Fran DeSimone Becque  
Holt House Committee   Sharon Abeyta-Levey
Fran DeSimone Becque
Barbara Wheeler Byrne
Denise Turnbull  
Leadership Development Officer   Lisa Masters  
Leadership and Nominating Committee Chairman   Schabahn Straughan Day  
Leadership and Nominating Committee   Ashlee Christofferson
Melissa Kish
Missy Hatteyer Korduner
Betsy Beese Sheridan
Luellen Clymo Smith
Betty Lopez Smithgall
Leigh Thiedeman
Jenny Mason Walker  
Legislative Committee Chairman   Suzanne Malone  
Legislative Committee Members   Kim Barger Durand
Leisa Ebeling Lowrey  
Local Committee Convention Chairman   TBD
Fraternity Music Chair   Renee Richardson Bennett  
National Panhellenic Conference Council of Delegates Representative   Marla Neelly Wulf  
Chief Panhellenic Officer        Ashley Hallowell Karth  
Panhellenic Officer   Jen Bailey  
Panhellenic Officer   Helen Lahrman  
Panhellenic Area Advisors   Oriana Bertucci
Leslie Buford
Rae Wohlhueter Maier
Ana Mancebo Miller
Kelly Zudycki Perry
Alison Seamon Smith
Casey Talbot
Carol Inge Warren
Parliamentarian   Margie Borges  
RFM Recruitment Officer   Carol Inge Warren