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Collegiate Regional Teams

Collegiate Regional Teams

The Collegiate Regional Director provides direction and leadership to develop and maintain successful, productive collegiate chapters within a defined region. Supervised by a member of Grand Council, the Collegiate Regional Director plans and directs the collegiate work of the Fraternity. Directors are appointed biennially at convention for two-year terms and may serve up to three terms in any one position. Directors may serve in a variety of positions and up to 12 years of total service.

Each Director has support from five Specialists overseeing the areas of chapter operations, finance/housing, membership, programming and risk management/policy. Specialists are appointed by Grand Council during each interim year of convention. They serve in two-year terms and may serve up to three terms in any one office.

Collegiate Regional Director - Region 1   Michelle Hinkley Billard  
CR Chapter Operations/Advisor Specialist 1   Emily Beck Wood  
CR Financial/Housing Specialist 1   Missy Roma Dorsey  
CR Membership Specialist 1   Natalie Mayo Deak  
CR Programming Specialist 1   Deanne Trent  
CR Risk Management/Policy Specialist 1   Jennifer Mandeville  
Collegiate Regional Director - Region 2   Jen Bailey  
CR Chapter Operations/Advisor Specialist 2   Lynda Breyer Miller  
CR Financial/Housing Specialist 2   Ashley Boarts Lewis  
CR Membership Specialist 2   Monica Diaz-Greco  
CR Programming Specialist 2   Tiffany Mitchell  
CR Risk Management/Policy Specialist 2   Laura Clough Redmond  
Collegiate Regional Director - Region 3   Melissa Malone Colvin  
CR Chapter Operations/Advisor Specialist 3   Jean Nees Tulin  
CR Financial/Housing Specialist 3   Jayme Lawson Durkee  
CR Membership Specialist 3   Nicole Bridges  
CR Programming Specialist 3   Kristi Hanlon Marsh  
CR Risk Management/Policy Specialist 3   Lara Omps-Botteicher  
Collegiate Regional Director - Region 4   Elyse Simmerman Peterson  
CR Chapter Operations/Advisor Specialist 4   Michelle Drouse Woodhouse  
CR Financial/Housing Specialist 4   Betsy Pierce  
CR Membership Specialist 4   Erika Bates Mackey  
CR Programming Specialist 4   Danielle Janowski  
CR Risk Management/Policy Specialist 4   Toni Cerino  
CR Coordinating Specialist 4     Molly Harris  
Collegiate Regional Director - Region 5     Judy Weltsch Klote  
CR Chapter Operations/Advisor Specialist 5   Brooke Avila  
CR Financial/Housing Specialist 5   Lacie Drogen Baumgartner   
CR Membership Specialist 5   Darcy Dahl  
CR Programming Specialist 5   Stephanie Shadwick   
CR Risk Management/Policy Specialist 5   Lyndsey Redding Howe  
Collegiate Regional Director - Region 6   Debbie Boyd Sharp  
CR Chapter Operations/Advisor Specialist 6   Tracy Gilbreath Fenter  
CR Financial/Housing Specialist 6   Leslie Faulk Shanks  
CR Membership Specialist 6   Kasey Mitchell Adams  
CR Programming Specialist 6   Meredith Stone
CR Risk Management/Policy Specialist 6    Megan Smith
Collegiate Regional Director - Region 7   Jamie Feist Daniels  
CR Chapter Operations/Advisor Specialist 7   Marie Metke Westom  
CR Financial/Housing Specialist 7   Elisabeth Adams  
CR Membership Specialist 7   Carolyn Much Reil   
CR Programming Specialist 7   Alison Seamon Smith  
CR Risk Management/Policy Specialist 7   Lauren Jenkins Smith  
Collegiate Regional Director - Region 8   Sharon Abeyta-Levey  
CR Chapter Operations/Advisor Specialist 8   Lise Byars-George  
CR Financial/Housing Specialist 8   Tara Abbott Davis  
CR Membership Specialist 8   Marie Baldazo Andreasen  
CR Programming Specialist 8   Jessica Chavez  
CR Risk Management/Policy Specialist 8   Lauren Kolnick Whalen  
Collegiate Regional Director - Region 9   Brenda Foster Huffman  
CR Chapter Operations/Advisor Specialist 9   Tillie Bell Good    
CR Financial/Housing Specialist 9   Amanda Reid  
CR Membership Specialist 9   Katey Ulrich  
CR Programming Specialist 9   Rebecca Ruhlman  
CR Risk Management/Policy Specialist 9   Amy Strickland Dreller