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Pi Beta Phi Anti-Hazing Policies


Hazing HotlineThe core values of Integrity; Honor and Respect; Lifelong Commitment; Philanthropic Service to Others; Personal and Intellectual Growth; and Sincere Friendship define Pi Beta Phi. It should go without saying hazing is contrary to our core values, and therefore the very core of Pi Beta Phi.  

Hazing often begins with seemingly harmless activities, which can make it difficult for new and initiated members to correctly identify hazing and take action against it. Activities that seem harmless might seem like pranks or jokes but can impact individuals in different ways. Examples of this might include cryptic text messages, suggesting or asking new members to dress in a certain way, asking new members to bring items to events like Initiation, among others. Other examples of hazing may be more obvious, like forced alcohol consumption, humiliation or yelling in front of others, favors for initiated members, or physical activities, among others. Hazing can occur in all aspects of the sorority experience, not just during the new member period. No matter the intent behind the activity or impact of the activity, it is unacceptable for any member of Pi Beta Phi to haze or allow hazing to occur within her chapter. It is important to know that even if you consent to participate in these activities or WANT to participate, they are still considered hazing. Pi Beta Phi’s full policy on hazing can always be found at pibetaphi.org/policies.  

If you find yourself in a situation where you know or think members are being hazed, it is important you speak up. If any one member allows hazing to occur, or stands by and doesn't intervene, that individual is placing the future of their chapter, Pi Beta Phi and all fraternity and sorority life at risk. Pi Beta Phi offers many resources to help you report hazing. The elimination of hazing is the responsibility of each individual member, the chapter as a whole, the Executive Council and the Alumnae Advisory Committee. However, if you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to chapter leadership or advisors, you should contact the following numbers:  

  • The Anti-Hazing Hotline is a way for you to anonymously report a hazing concern. You can reach this hotline 24 hours a day at 1-888-NOT-HAZE.  
  • Pi Beta Phi Headquarters also serves as a resource for members who want to report hazing. Contacting Pi Beta Phi Headquarters is a way to confidentially report a hazing concern for follow up from professional staff and international volunteers. You can speak with a member of Pi Beta Phi Headquarters staff during regular business hours at (636) 256–0680.  
Pi Beta Phi educates its new members on the dangers of hazing through its member development program, Leading with Values ® . The Leading with Values program includes information on what we tell our New Members about hazing.
For information about Leading with Values, click here.  
To read about Pi Beta Phi's Policies regarding hazing, visit the Policy and Position Statements page here.