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  • 2017–2019 Slate of Officers

    The Leadership and Nominating Committee (LNC) proudly presents the Pi Beta Phi Grand Council and Directors slate of officers for the 2017–2019 biennium. The Committee would like to thank all members who accepted our invitation to participate in the slating process either through referral of outstanding leaders or self-nomination for leadership positions. 

    Based in part on feedback heard from our membership, LNC developed the slate with a focus on three pillars — servant leadership, membership experience and diversity. 

    • Servant leadership — foundational to our Fraternity’s board governance structure and leadership model, we sought to devise a slate of women who embody these traits and behaviors.
    • Member experience — as a membership organization the most important driver of engagement, both at the collegiate and alumnae levels, is a positive, meaningful experience. We sought to bring together a group of women with varying viewpoints and experience, with a motivation for change, to help further strengthen our value proposition of lifelong membership at all levels.
    • Diversity — of thought, experience and background to ensure we optimize the skills and experiences, both volunteer and professional, of our membership base within our leadership team. 

    To learn more about Pi Phi’s leaders, we asked slated candidates to provide a short biography as well as answer two (Directors) or three (Grand Council) of the below questions. In the spirit of our 150th anniversary and our increased social media use, we asked candidates to respond to questions using 150 characters or less. The candidates’ responses provide a glimpse into their priorities, leadership style and passion for Pi Phi.

    • What are you looking forward to most in your role?
    • What are you most proud of in your Pi Phi experience?
    • Why do you give your time to Pi Phi?
    • What is the best leadership advice you have ever received?
    • What was your Pi Phi ah-ha moment? 

    In Pi Beta Phi,

    Marnie Lee, Alberta Alpha, Leadership and Nominating Committee Chair
    Caton Bredar, Illinois Beta-Delta
    Ali Wampler Cusic, Indiana Alpha
    Schabahn Straughan Day, Oregon Beta
    Allie Harvey Griffin, Virginia Theta
    Julie Talley Hooton, Michigan Alpha
    Betsy Sheridan, Texas Gamma
    Margo Wilton Lesser, California Gamma
    Leigh Thiedeman, Iowa Gamma

    Please click on each candidate's photo for more information, including her biography and election question response. To view the candidate conduct rules, click here.

    There are no challengers to the 2017-2019 slate of officers. The slated officers must be approved by vote of the Fraternity’s voting delegates at Convention.

    Grand Council


    Paula Shepherd
    Paula Pace Shepherd

    Slated Office: Grand President
    Alison Haefitz
    Alison Veit Heafitz

    Slated Office: Grand Vice President Collegians 
    Amy Southerland
    Amy Lorenzen Southerland

    Slated Office: Grand Vice President Alumnae
    Jenn Plagman-Galvin NEW
    Jenn Plagman-Galvin

    Slated Office: Grand Vice President Communications 
    Emory Eison
    Emory McGinnis Eison

    Slated Office: Grand Vice President Finance
    Rae Maier
    Rae Wohlhueter Maier

    Slated Office: Grand Vice President Membership 
    Marla Wulf
    Marla Neelly Wulf

    Slated Office: Grand Vice President Programming 


    Non Regional Directors


    Greer Horne NEW
    Greer Horne

    Slated Office: Director Membership
    Korinne Rice NEW
    Korinne Hague Rice

    Slated Office: Director Finance/Housing 
    Lisa Rede Roman NEW
    Lisa Rede Roman
    Slated Office: Director Programming and Philanthropy
    Cara Sutcliffe NEW
    Cara Ballard Sutcliffe

    Slated Office: Director Chapter Operations/Advisors
    Penny Proctor NEW
    Penny Proctor

    Slated Office: Director Risk Management 


    Alumnae Regional Directors


    Melissa Bockhold
    Melissa Bockhold Hack
    Slated Office: Alumnae Regional Director - Region One 
    Harper Whitten NEW
    Harper Whitten

    Slated Office: Alumnae Regional Director - Region Two 
    Kimberly Crowe NEW
    Kimberly Sisk Crowe

    Slated Office: Alumnae Regional Director - Region Three
    Rebecca Brannen Lasse NEW
    Rebecca Brannen Lasse

    Slated Office: Alumnae Regional Director - Region Four 
    Alison Burcham NEW
    Alison Burcham

    Slated Office: Alumnae Regional Director - Region Five 
    Tracey Beaufort Whitehead NEW
    Tracy Beaufort Whitehead

    Slated Office: Alumnae Regional Director - Region Six 


    Collegiate Regional Directors


    Michelle Hinkley Billard NEW
    Michelle Hinkley Billard

    Slated Office: Collegiate Regional Director - Region One 
    Jen Bailey NEW2
    Jen Bailey
    Slated Office: Collegiate Regional Director - Region Two 
    Melissa Colvin
    Melissa Malone Colvin
    Slated Office: Collegiate Regional Director - Region Three 
    Elyse Simmerman Peterson NEW
    Elyse Simmerman Peterson

    Slated Office: Collegiate Regional Director - Region Four 
    Judy Klote
    Judy Weltsch Klote
    Slated Office: Collegiate Regional Director - Region Five 
    Debbie Boyd Sharp NEW
    Debbie Boyd Sharp

    Slated Office: Collegiate Regional Director - Region Six
    Jamie Feist Daniels (New)
    Jamie Feist Daniels
    Slated Office: Collegiate Regional Director - Region Seven 
    Sharon Abeyta-Levey
    Sharon Abeyta-Levey
    Slated Office: Collegiate Regional Director - Region Eight 
    Brenda Huffman NEW
    Brenda Foster Huffman

    Slated Office: Collegiate Regional Director - Region Nine 

    Challenge Candidates

    Pi Beta Phi policy provides members in good standing the ability to challenge a slated candidate for a position. Challenges must be received by the Leadership and Nominating Committee Chairman via email no later than Saturday, March 25, 2017 at lnc@pibetaphi.org. The Leadership and Nominating Committee will then certify a challenge candidate and if approved, supporting information will be placed on the Pi Beta Phi website on Monday, April 3, 2017, alongside the slated candidate’s information. Questions regarding this process can be directed to Leadership and Nominating Committee Chair Marnie Lee at lnc@pibetaphi.org.