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AAC Training Program

The Fraternity is excited to launch our new Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC) Training Program. This program has been designed to prepare AAC members for success while serving Pi Beta Phi collegiate chapters. The training program is presented in a framework of three key focus areas: Fraternity Learning, The Art of Servant Leadership and Advising and Position-Specific Learning. 

Part I: Fraternity Learning — ONLINE NOW
• High-level introduction to the Fraternity
• Fraternity organization
• Explanation of Alumnae and Collegiate regions

Part II: The Art of Servant Leadership and Advising — ONLINE NOW
• The art of servant leadership
• Detailed expectations and responsibilities for AAC
• AAC's role within the Fraternity's structure

Part III: Position-Specific Learning — ONLINE NOW
• Overviews of each Executive Council position
• Reporting structure