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Celebrating the SHINE THROUGH Campaign to Sustain Pi Beta Phi

Published On: 2019-11-14

The SHINE THROUGH Campaign Celebration Report is available here.    
More than 7,000 donors demonstrated their loyalty to Pi Beta Phi by making a gift to support the goals of the SHINE THROUGH campaign. Together, we helped raise an incredible $32.3 million to sustain our sisterhood by supporting leadership development, scholarships, literacy programs, housing and the areas of greatest need. The campaign’s success makes it the largest philanthropic endeavor ever assumed by Pi Phi — and the largest fundraising effort in National Panhellenic Conference history. 
In her celebratory toast at the 2019 Convention, SHINE THROUGH Campaign Chairman Jan Kincaid Clifford, Indiana Delta, expressed her gratitude to everyone who supported the effort. “Little could our Founders have known what the sisterhood they created would accomplish,” Jan said. “Inspired by a beautiful 150 years of Pi Beta Phi, we committed to sustaining Pi Phi forever. So, to every Pi Phi and Pi Phi friend who made a gift, to each sister who spread the word, to every member who proudly wears the wine and silver blue, simply to every Pi Beta Phi, congratulations. You have transformed unending loyalty — loyalty that knows no bounds — into endless impact.”
SHINE THROUGH invited every member and friend of Pi Beta Phi to be inspired and to inspire others. Launched at the 2017 Convention as we celebrated Pi Phi’s 150th anniversary, the campaign asked members and friends to transform their unending loyalty into endless impact as we worked together towards our goals. Sisters were asked to join in by making their first gifts to our Foundation; to stretch their gifts to make a greater impact; to consider endowment giving to prepare Pi Phi for the future; to consider making Pi Phi part of their estate plans; and to support the Friendship Fund, helping Pi Phi meet today's needs as well as needs yet to come. 
Across our sisterhood, members responded with a resounding "yes!" — and, together, achieved something truly monumental for Pi Beta Phi. Of the more than $32 million our sisters and friends invested, 50% is comprised of deferred gifts and will be realized in the future. Of the gifts tangible today, half were given to grow our endowments and will have impact into perpetuity.
“Our campaign donors have made a historic impact on our sisterhood,” said Pi Beta Phi Foundation Executive Director Hallee Winnie, Michigan Gamma. “While we have much to celebrate, the increased capacity donors have helped to create with SHINE THROUGH is what excites me the most. I hope to ensure all donors feel their investment in our Foundation is well cared for. With more gifts comes more responsibility — but it’s responsibility we can handle. We’re so very grateful for the opportunity!”
To learn more about the SHINE THROUGH campaign and how you can support Pi Beta Phi through gifts to our Foundation, visit pibetaphifoundation.org/campaign or contact the Foundation staff: (636) 256-1357 or fndn@pibetaphi.org.