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Leading the Way: Pi Phi’s Leadership Model

Published On: 2012-10-16

Pi Beta Phi encourages its members to learn, live and lead using the Fraternity’s Leadership Model as a set of expectations that reflect Pi Phi’s culture, values and servant leadership philosophy. The model defines what leadership should look like in Pi Phi. It can also be used as a roadmap to help individual members identify and develop the capabilities necessary to be an outstanding Pi Phi leader.

Our Strategic Plan guides what we intend to accomplish while the Leadership Model guides the how

The Leadership Model is composed of three leadership objectives: grow the organization, lead the team and model the way. Grounded in the six core values, there are 59 specific behaviors — observable and measurable actions — that guide how we should lead.

Each Tuesday the Pi Beta Phi Facebook page will showcase a Leadership Model Moment highlighting one of the 59 behaviors. When you see it, take a moment to reflect and think about your own leadership behaviors and those of others. If someone comes to mind, let him or her know. It is as easy as sharing the post, sending an email, making a phone call or writing a note. We encourage our members to engage in the discussion and share examples. To visit our Facebook page, please click here and join in the conversation.

To download the Leadership Model, please click here.