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Congratulations Story

Pi Beta Phi Announces UIFI Scholarships For 2015

Published On: 2015-04-15

Pi Beta Phi congratulates the 25 following sisters who have been named the 2015 Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) registration scholarship recipients:

  • Lauren Banks, Ohio Epsilon  
  • Lisa Bonsignore-Opp, Illinois Kappa  
  • Miranda Bukantz, Washington Beta  
  • Jacqueline Chin, Conneticut Gamma  
  • Brooke Coffeen, New Mexico Beta  
  • Michelle Coley, Virginia Iota  
  • Marissa Dapra, Pennsylvania Zeta  
  • Kelly Davis, California Epsilon  
  • Rachael Delmer, Idaho Alpha  
  • Daniela Delvescovo, Florida Zeta  
  • Morgan Domin, Ohio Lambda  
  • Autumn Fenz, Washington Alpha  
  • Lauren Fotta, Ohio Zeta  
  • Emily Karcher, Maryland Gamma  
  • Amanda Khong, California Lambda  
  • Kalli Kirkpatrick, Maine Alpha  
  • Brianna Lemaster, West Virginia Alpha  
  • Sarah Marshall, North Carolina Delta  
  • Elise Misiunas, Indina Theta  
  • Emily Pollak, South Carolina Alpha  
  • Phoenix Pope, Mississippi Alpha  
  • Rochandra Prewitt, Tennessee Delta  
  • Jacqui Schlabach, Indiana Zeta  
  • Samantha Smith, California Xi  
  • Catherine Viola, Pennsylvania Theta  

In 2014, Pi Phi offered 11 UIFI registration scholarships. Of those 11 sisters attending UIFI, eight are currently serving in elected offices — four as chapter presidents! This year, Pi Phi scholarships increased to 25 in total and cover the registration cost ($460) and up to $300 in travel-related expenses.

The UIFI is a five day institute that brings together fraternity men and sorority women from across North America to create opportunities to explore, define, and enhance their leadership skills, personal awareness, commitment to their fraternity or sorority, and grow to expect values based action from themselves and those they lead. At UIFI, participants are given the skills to improve their own leadership abilities and positively affect your chapter, council, and community. The institute is interactive, fun, challenging, and intentional. During a session, participants experience hands-on interaction, experiential activities, discussion time, and personal reflection time. There is considerable focus on the positive aspects of fraternities and sororities in addition to important discussions about issues that threaten our future. Each UIFI participant will develop their own unique personal plan of action and be challenged to make a commitment to leading positive change within their organization. Click here to learn more about UIFI and view a promotional video.

Pi Beta Phi UIFI scholarships are made possible by a grant to the Fraternity from Pi Beta Phi Foundation.