Philanthropic Service

Annual Pie the Pi Phis Event raises money for our local and international literacy partners.


Philanthropic Service

Sisters participate in the school annual Relay for Life event.


Lifelong Committment

Big Sisters wait excitedly for their little sisters during reveal.


Sincere Friendship

Sisters have fun every day during recruitment practice.


Personal Growth

Sisters participate in a school retreat to gain a better understanding of themselves and their faith.


Lifelong Committment

Sisters celebrate new members' initiation into the sisterhood for life, after all, it's not four years. It's for life.



Every year our recruitment is 100% values based.


Honor and Respect

We all grow because of our sisters, we honor their beliefs and respect them for who they are.


Crieghton University


Nebraska Gamma


Pi Beta Phi


Ring Ching!


Boom boom!


Had me at Halo!


Angels Fly Together


One, Two, Three Words


Wine and Silver Blue


Pie a Pi Phi!!




...for life!

2016 Executive Council     




Chapter President: Mary Catherine Ruesch   



 Vice President of Member Development: Madeline Sobek       



 Vice President of Fraternity Development: Alisha Baginski 



 Vice President of Finance: Sarah Knust



 Vice President of Membership: Maren Haddad



 Vice President of Administration:  Ellie Dorchuk



 Vice President of Philanthropy: Bailey Hassman    



 Vice President of Communications: Grace Hunt



 Vice President of Event Planning:  Maren Stone 



Each executive holds different responsibilities and must carry out distinct duties, but together, our executives ensure the well-being of our Pi Beta Phi Chapter. 

  • Our President oversees all Chapter operations, including presiding over all meetings, being a spokeswoman for the Chapter, and conducting official Pi Beta Phi ceremonies.
  • The Vice President of Member Development supervises our Leadership Programs and workshops, such as the Leading with Values Program, the Officers’ Leadership Retreat, and the Intellectual Development Program.   
  • The Vice President of Fraternity Development ensures that our members are knowledgeable about Pi Beta Phi, including our many traditions and ceremonies and Pi Beta Phi’s Core Values.  
  • Our Vice President of Finance acts as the Chapter’s Chief Financial Officer by maintaining our budget and financial records while enforcing Pi Beta Phi financial policies.  
  • The Vice President of Membership supervises all aspects of our recruitment process, including educating the Chapter’s members about recruitment strategies, policies, and procedures.  
  • The Vice President of Communication acts as Pi Beta Phi’s Panhellenic delegate and promotes and maintains positive relationships with Creighton University and Pi Beta Phi parents.  
  • Our Vice President of Philanthropy administers all of Pi Beta Phi’s service and philanthropy efforts, including service within the Omaha community,fundraising for our philanthropy, and promoting service opportunities within the Chapter.  
  • The Vice President of Event Planning plans and executes all Pi Beta Phi events, such as Founder’s Day, Parents Weekend, sisterhood events, and social activities.