Philanthropic Service

Annual Pie the Pi Phis Event raises money for our local and international literacy partners.


Philanthropic Service

Sisters participate in the school annual Relay for Life event.


Lifelong Committment

Big Sisters wait excitedly for their little sisters during reveal.


Sincere Friendship

Sisters have fun every day during recruitment practice.


Personal Growth

Sisters participate in a school retreat to gain a better understanding of themselves and their faith.


Lifelong Committment

Sisters celebrate new members' initiation into the sisterhood for life, after all, it's not four years. It's for life.



Every year our recruitment is 100% values based.


Honor and Respect

We all grow because of our sisters, we honor their beliefs and respect them for who they are.


Crieghton University


Nebraska Gamma


Pi Beta Phi


Ring Ching!


Boom boom!


Had me at Halo!


Angels Fly Together


One, Two, Three Words


Wine and Silver Blue


Pie a Pi Phi!!




...for life!



The Vice President of Membership serves as the primary contact for the chapter during recruitment. Pi Beta Phi alumnae send Recruitment Information Forms (RIFs) and Legacy Introduction Forms to the Vice President of Membership before recruitment on a college campus. The recruitment period is a mutual selection process between a Potential New Member (PNM) and a Pi Beta Phi collegiate chapter. 


Women's Greek organizations participate in the Formal Recruitment process each Spring. To learn more about Creighton's Panhellenic Recruitment, please visit:  

 Creighton University Greek Recruitment 


 New Members


Myths About Pi Phi Recruitment…

A Pi Beta Phi legacy will always receive a bid for membership.    

FALSE! Pi Beta Phi recognizes the value of the special relationship between legacies. Members are encouraged to fill out a legacy introduction form to help chapters identify the legacies going through recruitment. However, recruitment is a mutual selection process between a PNM and a Pi Phi chapter. Collegiate chapters must invite legacies to a minimum of one invitational round. Should a legacy be invited to the preference round, she shall be placed at the top of the chapter’s bid list.

Chapters are required to call the alum who submitted an RIF if the PNM is released from recruitment. 

FALSE! Chapters are not required to notify alumnae during recruitment of the status of the PNM for whom they submitted an RIF. The chapter may send a final new member list to local alumnae clubs in the area to let them know of their NM class once Bid Day and pledging festivities have occurred.


 Want to know more about Pi Beta Phi recruitment? Check out member services for additional information! 


 friends recruitment   

Pi Beta Phi Alumnae:


The Nebraska Gamma chapter is grateful for your assistance in recommending new members to our chapter. Please direct recommendations (RIFs) to the following address:

Pi Beta Phi c/o Sydney Davidson
Student Activities Office - SC 110
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178