Being a Pi Phi 1

With a clear commitment to service and a culture that develops the whole person, Pi Beta Phi Fraternity is a values-based organization in which individual development is a key component of the mission and vision of the organization. Pi Beta Phi attracts women who possess a desire to be a part of a dynamic organization that will promote growth in all areas of life.      

With a presence at major universities in 44 states and Canada, more than 18,000 collegiate members and 307 alumnae organizations and hundreds of thousands of women claiming membership, Pi Beta Phi works hard to provide ongoing support for all members as they continue a journey of lifelong commitment to the Fraternity.      

A dedication to core values is at the heart of the organization. Pi Beta Phi offers its members the opportunity to be part of an organization where members care for one another, shelter each other and share the bonds of sisterhood. 

Core Values of Pi Beta Phi:    


An international organization founded more than 140 years ago, Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for women is committed to enriching the lives of women during college and beyond. With more than 276,000 women proudly claiming membership in Pi Beta Phi, members benefit from the breadth and depth of its members worldwide. This rich heritage forges a bright future for the organization and its members.   


Here at Colorado Delta we love Pi Phi because of our strong sense of sisterhood.  From frosting fights in the kitchen from making cupcakes for chapter retreat to cramming on the couch so everyone can watch a show in the living room our members enjoy every instant of sisterhood even bonding over the sad moments.  We all trust one another for a hug or private conversation after a bad day and can always find sisters to share news with in circumstances of both great excitement and of disappointment.Our house is always filled with love, no matter if that includes laughter or tears. Anyone could tell how our house truly cares about each other's well-being. More frequently we also have dance parties in our bathrooms while getting ready in the morning or doing our hair and make-up to go out on the weekends.  Another great thing about our sisterhood is the great amount of time we spend together studying.  Our main floor is a great place to gather because so many study groups happen in our dining room.  On big testing weeks, groups can always be found utilizing the whiteboard in our study room and the serenity of our chapter room to concentrate.  We have found through Pi Phi that every aspect of our lives have been touched in some way and our strong bonds of sisterhood helps us to grow together in the values that we hold dear.