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Recruitment Basics

The Vice President of Membership serves as the primary contact for a chapter during recruitment. Pi Beta Phi alumnae should send Recruitment Information Forms (RIFs) and Legacy Introduction Forms to the vice president of membership before recruitment on a college campus. The recruitment period is a mutual selection process between a potential new member (PNM) and a Pi Beta Phi collegiate chapter. 

Here at Montana State, formal recruitment is being held the week before school begins: August 25th- 28th, 2017. These four days are full of nightly events including house tours, philanthropy, sisterhood, and a more formal night called preference night. The whole week is dedicated to you, figuring out what houses you like and being able to meet as many people as possible. Even if you aren't sure you want to join a sorority going through the recruitment process will allow you to meet a ton of new people.


 Watch our Fall 2017 recruitment video here




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Why Choose Pi Phi?

Pi Beta Phi is a diverse group of intelligent women who are committed to common goals of integrity, friendship, leadership, scholarship and philanthropy. In Pi Phi, we value our sisterhood, knowing that these friendships that we forge during our four years at MSU will be some of the strongest and deepest friendships we will know. We are friends and family.

Here is why some of the members of our chapter chose Pi Phi:

"When I was given a tour of Pi Phi during recruitment I loved the house, and after talking to the girls I knew that it would be the Pi Phis that made this house my home for the rest of my college career, and they absolutely have! It's my second family and second home!"

"I chose Pi Phi because these girls don't care if you're all dolled up, or in sweats crying over a tub of Ben and Jerry's, even if it's 3 a.m. and you just need someone to talk to. These girls are your sisters no matter what, and that it what sisterhood is all about."

"I love Pi Phi because I now live with a bunch of girls who are able to find fun in any situation, do whatever it takes to cheer you up, and will listen to you cry about the same thing over and over. No one in the world is as good at turning a bad situation into a good one as these girls, and I am so thankful to be able to call them all my sisters."

"I joined Pi Phi because I met a group of young women who wanted the best for me and I knew they would push me to be a better person."

"Before I was even a sister, members of Pi Beta Phi were there for me when I needed it most."

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