Social Events

Pi Phi weaves social activities, fun, and excitement into our busy college lives. Each year we have date parties and formals, exchanges with UCLA fraternities, tailgates for our football games and many other fun opportunities! 

Football Tailgates
One of the best parts about the fall quarter is UCLA Football Season, which is filled with fun tailgates before every home game. For most of the games we pair up with a UCLA fraternity and plan a pre-football barbeque! For the football game during Parents’ Weekend we host a tailgate especially for Pi Phis and their families so we can show off our Bruin spirit!


A raid is when Pi Phi and a UCLA fraternity get together for a themed event at one of various locations throughout the Los Angeles area. Each quarter our social calendar includes numerous raids with many of the fraternities at UCLA! Recent creative themes have included “Throw Down for Your Hometown,”  "Out of this World," and "Mathletes and Athletes."
Date Parties & Formal
During the Fall and Winter Quarters, Pi Phi hosts several date parties where each girl gets to choose one person to invite. Similar to raids, these events take place at venues around Los Angeles. In the spring, we have our annual Beaux & Arrows Formal, giving girls a chance to have fun and celebrate one last time after a successful school year